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Rush’s Morning Update: A Letter
March 18, 2009

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House Speaker and frequent flier Nancy Pelosi is worried, folks: some of her favorite Drive-By Media publications are near death. So Pelosi sent Attorney General Eric Holder a letter, asking the Justice Department to give the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers preferential treatment. She wants the Justice Department to look the other way when it comes to enforcing antitrust laws. In theory, that would allow The Chronicle and other papers to try to merge their way out of failure.

Folks, in our lifetime we’ve seen Democrats use antitrust laws to try and destroy “Big Telecom” and “Big Software.” Democrats make no secret of their desire to try and destroy “Big Pharma,” “Big Tobacco,” “Big Wal-Mart,” and, of course, me: “Big Radio.” The aviation industry is their latest target. So why the interest to make sure dying Drive-By newspapers survive,even as their readers and advertisers abandon them in droves?

Well, in her letter to Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi said, “We must ensure that our policies enable our news organizations to survive and to engage in the news-gathering and analysis that the American people expect.”

Now that’s a total crock. Let me translate what she really means:”We Democrats must ensure that our policies enable our P. R.accomplices in theprint media tocontinue to take our dictation so they can survive. They must continueour propaganda war on Republicans, under the guise of news-gathering and analysis. That’s what we Democrats expect– and Eric, old buddy, you’d better deliver…or we’ll bring Marc Rich back at you.”

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