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Rush’s Morning Update: Out of Phase
March 19, 2009

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Say, folks: we have a new definition of what constitutes “un-American” behaviorfrom the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Speaking at Saint Anthony’s Church in San Francisco before a group of immigrants (legal and illegal),Speaker Pelosi took aim at Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

She accused them of kicking in doors in the middle of the nightin order to send parents away from their children. “It must be stopped…what value system is that? I think it’s un-American,” she said.But she did have kind words for the immigrants in the audience– including those here illegally. They are “very, very patriotic,” because they are taking responsibility “for our country’s future.”

Now, I know nany of youfind this sickening. You wonder why those who enforce our laws are called “un-American,” while those who breakthe laware called patriots. You remember Democrats like Dick Durbin and John Murtha comparing our military to Nazis and falsely accusing them of murder. You remember John Kerry accusing our troops of atrocities they did not commit– yet years later he’s elevated to the status of “war hero.”

And now, government policy calls for the irresponsible to be bailed out by the responsible; achievers to be punished while losers are rewarded. Tax cheats run government agencies, while the House speaker attacks those who put their lives on the line defending our borders.

What you are witnessing is liberalism on parade;unplugged. You see an America…180 degrees out of phase. Some of you voted for it — you should be ashamed.

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