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RUSH: To the phones, David in Omaha, glad you called, sir. Thank you for waiting. You’re on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Happy ex-liberal dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I was at a truck stop in Indiana two nights ago, and I overheard two gentlemen saying that the AIG executives were stealing money from their children’s mouths and that they should be taken out back of their building, handcuffed, and have plastic bags put over their heads. So I immediately injected into the conversation —

RUSH: Wait, let me get the setting here. You were at a truck stop?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: In Indiana?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You drive a truck?

CALLER: Yes, I was forced to go into trucking a few months back —

RUSH: There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just — these other guys were truck drivers, too?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Now, this stuns me.

CALLER: Well, that wasn’t the worst part.

RUSH: I did not know we’d lost the truck drivers. This is worse than I thought. If we’re losing the truckers, then this is a far more serious problem than even I, El Rushbo, ascertained it to be. You actually had a couple truck drivers that want these guys at AIG to have plastic bags put over their heads and handcuffs out back of the building?

CALLER: Yes, and when I came to their defense and spoke about the contract, and I even asked them, I said, if you worked there, and that was your job and those contracts, you know, and that money was due to you, would you not accept that money? And that’s when they got angry. And then they said that they were going to take me outside and do physical harm to me, and the calmer I stayed, the angrier they got, and the more logical I became, the more illogical they became and —

RUSH: See, you cannot use logic on these people because the chaos of their emotions is what governs them.

CALLER: They actually called me a rich neocon and a parrot for Rush Limbaugh, and at that moment I told them I said, you know, I have a wife and three children, and we’re having a hard time making our house payment. We got two cars that are on their last legs, you know, I’m being affected by the economy, too. I said this is not a Democrat or Republican thing. This is affecting everyone, and I think that both parties to a great degree are to blame for it, but the policies of this president are not working and they’re not gonna work, and especially when you have the insanity of this situation, this is total insanity. You know, I’m appalled.

RUSH: You said this to these truckers?

CALLER: Yes. And they got very angry, and one of them put his chicken dinner down and stood up and I just ignored him because they were threatening me. They were threatening me —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. You’re going too fast here. See, people like me are naturally curious. He put his chicken dinner down?

CALLER: He put his chicken dinner down —

RUSH: Now, wait —

CALLER: — stood up —

RUSH: Was the plate in his hands?

CALLER: It was a box of chicken.

RUSH: Fried chicken?

CALLER: Yes, fried chicken.

RUSH: Fried chicken at a truck stop.

CALLER: But he was white. I’m not making any type of a racial —

RUSH: No, no, no, I know that. I’m trying to get the picture. Did the guy have a piece of chicken in his hand or the whole box?

CALLER: He had a box dinner of chicken from a famous —

RUSH: He was getting ready to leave and go back to the truck and eat it there, and you made him so mad he put the box down on the counter?

CALLER: He put the box down on the floor and threatened to take me outside and do bodily harm to me. All because he could not come up with a logical defense —

RUSH: Yeah, that’s right, because you’re dealing with the chaos of emotions of these guys, your logic penetrated and they didn’t like in their own minds being shown up. This chicken, was it Chicken McNuggets by any chance or was it chicken breasts or thighs, what was it?

CALLER: It was a chicken dinner. I just had one a little while before and it comes with a chicken breast and a chicken wing.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And a biscuit.

RUSH: Okay. What did you do — this is very, very important; I want you to think about this — what did you do when they impugned me by saying you were nothing but a Rush Limbaugh parrot? What did you do? Be honest.

CALLER: Sure. I said, ‘Rush Limbaugh?’ I said, ‘This has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh.’ I said, ‘This has everything to do with right and wrong.’

RUSH: Therefore it has everything to do with Rush Limbaugh because I’m right about this. Therefore, you’re right about this.

CALLER: Yes. But, you know what? I have beliefs and morals and values that are probably pretty equal to yours, you know, those come from God. And don’t get me wrong, Rush, you reinforce —

RUSH: I understand —

CALLER: — a lot of what I believe —

RUSH: — all that. No, you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not placing myself above you much less am I placing myself above Obama. What I am saying is, you are a loyal listener, you called this program, right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You called me to tell the story, guys threatened you with bodily harm, sit there and impugn your host. I think the next time this happens — and the odds are it will now that we’re talking about this — next time it happens, stand up, ‘What’s wrong with Rush? He’s absolutely right. What is your problem with Rush?’ And put it back on them, put all the, ‘What’s your problem with the Obama administration ordering these bonuses?’ I understand these guys were threatening you and menacing you and intimidating you physically and so forth. That may be tough to do, but we get into these situations and we accept the premise of the clinically insane. These guys you’re talking to last night are so chaotically emotional, probably would be clinically insane given what they said they were before. Of course it’s tough to deal with that in a rational way, but we gotta stand up against all of this rather than let these people set the premise. These people are terribly wrong. You have an opportunity to save these people, give ’em some serious help and advice, and you did. I mean you did it the best you could. I’m proud of you, don’t misunderstand.

CALLER: Sure. You know, one of them — speaking of insane — he stood in front of me and did all these, you know, karate moves, and, Rush, it was total insanity. You should have seen it, and everybody in the room knew it. They were looking at these two gentlemen like they were absolutely, you know, off the wall —

RUSH: How old were these guys?

CALLER: One of them was in his late forties, and one of them was in his late thirties.

RUSH: Well, as I say, if we’re losing the truckers, that’s a group that I’ve always thought we could count on. (interruption) Well, that’s true. That’s true. Snerdley has pointed out to me they could have been union drivers, could have been Teamsters. Absolutely right. I’m glad you corrected me on that ’cause I did not want to sit here and think we’d lost the truckers. I appreciate the call, David. Thanks very much.

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