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Rush’s Morning Update: Pop Quiz
March 20, 2009

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Folks, a pop quiz today. Here’s the first question:

Which national leader, this week, demanded the power to seize businesses thathe says are failing?
•Hugo Chavez of Venezuela
•Barack Obama
•Vladimir Putin from Russia, former KGB thug
BUZZER– Your Time Is Up!
The correct answer is: Barack Obama. But he’s only following the model ofChavez, and other Dear Leaders the left holds dear.

Next question: Which political party vilified a private company so much that an outraged public sent death threats to its employees?
•America’s Democrat Party
•The Communist Party of China
•Britain’s Labour Party
BUZZER– Your Time Is Up!
Answer: American Democrats, who’ve created an atmosphere of hate speech and death threats targeted at AIG execs.

Next. Which politicians got huge campaign donations from AIG?
•Democrat Senator Chris Dodd
•Democrat President Barack Obama
BUZZER– Your Time Is Up!
The correct answer is: Both!

Next. In which country does the government attempt to intimidate members of the media who oppose its policies?
BUZZER– Your Time Is Up!
The correct answer is: All of them!

Next. Which national leader accuses citizens of his own country of being “greedy” because they’re compensated too much?
•Hu Jintao of China
•Bashar Assad of Syria
•Barack Obama of the United States
BUZZER– Your Time Is Up
The answer is: Only Barack Obama of the Unites States.

And finally…for those of you who remember what freedom was like:
BUZZER– Your Time Is Up!

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