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“Obama and the American left are in the midst of totally turning America upside down. Do I want that to succeed? Nope. I want it to fail.”

“When somebody goes to the floor of the Senate and says, ‘I’m not trying to muzzle Rush Limbaugh,’ yes, they are. It’s like when somebody says, ‘Look, it’s not the money’ — it’s always the money!”

“People checked their intellects at the door during the whole campaign, and they saw something other than Obama. But now they’re starting to get a little dose of it: ‘Whoa, I’m not sure this is what I had in mind!’ Too late now!”

“The hard, cold reality is none of this can be stopped, but we can slow it down. However, it’s going to take onions: metal onions, steel onions. And once you start it, you can’t back off.”

“This is not FDR. This is not LBJ. This is those two guys on steroids, and the objective is total, 100% control and power. This is about setting up Obama as the most powerful person ever in this country.”

“Do you Republicans realize that when you get into these policy and process debates with these liberals, you are letting them set the agenda? We have to stop reacting to their agenda and have one of our own — fiercely.”

“I could not get elected to anything even if I wanted to run. First commercial: ‘The man who invented the word feminazi!'”

“By the way, I am offended when Obama equates himself with Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln did not run around and say things like, ‘there will be no earmarks in my budget,’ when there are 9,000 earmarks in his budget.”

“Even if you confiscate everything from these ‘rich’ people, you won’t have enough to even get close to paying for what Obama is spending, which means what? Which means, ‘Hello, middle class tax increase.'”

“Fear is a paralysis, particularly when you’re right. Don’t defend. Go on offense.”

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