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RUSH: I’m sitting here, I’m thinking about these people at AIG who received the bonuses who are now the subject, they are the focus of debate going on now in the House of Representatives over whether to tax their bonuses 90%. The Obama administration insisted that these bonuses be paid in the stimulus bill, but I’m wondering how many of the people who received these bonuses voted for Obama? I wonder how many of them vote for Democrats? I wonder how many of them give money to Democrats? Remember, now, it’s not just their taxes. Andrew Cuomo, the attorney general of New York, and Barney Frank, the Banking Queen, are all focused, they’re both focused on, making sure these people’s names are released to the public and how much they earn, and how much their bonuses were, and they don’t like this invasion of privacy.

How many of them voted for Obama? How many of them voted for Democrats? How many of them gave money? You have to figure that a decent percentage of them did. It’s the Northeast, it’s New York, and it’s a myth that Wall Street is a conservative bastion, ladies and gentlemen. Very, very interesting.


RUSH: By the way, for those of you at AIG, those of you who are now facing a 90% tax rate on your bonuses, which the Obama administration insisted be in the stimulus bill, those at AIG who are facing a 90% tax rate on your bonuses and your names and salaries being made public, I really hope you all voted for Democrats. I hope you all voted for Obama, and I hope you’ve now learned the Democrat privacy policy. Let me explain it to you very briefly before we go to our own Obscene Profit time-out here. We cannot invade the privacy of noncitizen terrorists who are calling from overseas, plotting terror attacks in this country. We cannot invade their privacy.

In fact, we may conduct hearings, war crimes trial hearings on the Bush administration for that very act of violation of privacy rights of terrorist overseas. But we can invade the privacy of legal citizens who receive bonuses that were authorized and contractually obligated by the Obama administration, the very administration that insisted you get the bonuses can now go (blowing a raspberry) on your privacy. Here’s the Democrat immigration policy. It’s un-American for federal agents to enforce our laws. It is patriotic to come here and stay illegally, and we want you illegals to join labor unions. That’s patriotism. You are the backbone of America. Here’s the Democrat mortgage policy: we’re going to get you a mortgage you have no business getting, we’re gonna get you a loan that you can’t pay back, that we know that you can’t pay back, and then when you fail to pay it back, we’re going to force those who pay their mortgages on time to pay your mortgage, too. A very quick lesson here on Democrat privacy policy, immigration policy, and mortgage policy.

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