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RUSH: You know, as long as we’re outing people — which is what this is. We’re outing people. Here, look at this. It’s in the New York Times today: ‘Cuomo Wins Ruling to Name Merrill Bonus Recipients — ‘Anyone who has received a bonus in the top echelon is concerned, and wouldn’t you be?’ said Jeanne Branthover, the head of financial services recruiting at Boyden Global Executive Search. ‘This is a witch hunt.” ‘Andrew M. Cuomo is starting to unearth some of the most closely guarded secrets on Wall Street: the identities of Merrill Lynch employees who collected large bonuses even as the brokerage firm lost billions.’ They’re searching now for the AIG names as well. Some of these people are beginning to say, ‘My gosh, it’s a crime to make money!’

Yes! Welcome to the real world. All of you people on Wall Street who voted for Obama and who give money to the Democrats, you’re damn right. It’s a crime to earn money, and they’re going to exploit this as much as they can to get as many people hating and despising you and your business so that they turn to government. So as long as we’re outing people, ladies and gentlemen, can we have a list…? I’d like to officially ask this. I may have a statute of limitations problem on this, but I would like to have a list of all the people who were known to use Barney Frank’s townhouse to meet male prostitutes in the 1970s. Remember he had a boyfriend back then named Stephen Gobie (it might have been the eighties) and Gobie was using downstairs at Barney’s townhouse to run a prostitution ring.

Gobie has called this program before to discuss this, and Barney was getting Gobie’s parking tickets fixed for parking in front of Barney’s townhouse. I’d like a list of the names of the people who were known to use Frank’s townhouse to meet prostitutes. I seem to recall he had a little problem with that. Can we have all of the names of all of the people who were involved in securing a sweetheart mortgage for Chris Dodd? We’d like to know who all of these people are. Can we have a list of the names of all the people that were involved in Harry Reid’s multiple sleazy land deals in California and Las Vegas? And can we have the names of all the people who were currently covering up Charles Rangel’s sleazy tax evasions?


RUSH: Barney Frank was asked last night on MSNBC the following question. ‘Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are accusing you of McCarthyism.’ It was Martha MacCallum who did this. Media Matters has — and that’s where they got the question, by the way. These people at MSNBC would be lost without Media Matters to tell ’em what happened and what questions to ask. So here’s Barney’s answer.

FRANK: I didn’t know that Rush Limbaugh thought that McCarthy was a bad guy. That’s probably one of the few times that either Fox News or Mr. Limbaugh have said bad words about Joe McCarthy. He’d always been a right-wing hero. In fact, I’m not — what McCarthy did was to falsely accuse people of things and to make guilt by association arguments or talk about their political associations and — in ways that were — were unfair. I’m simply asking for factual information about people working for a company that is mostly owned by the federal government.

RUSH: Oh, this is a popular myth, that McCarthy falsely accused people of things. Mr. Frank, he was falsely accusing people of being communists. What’s so bad about being a communist? You liberal Democrats love every communist regime to come down the pike, from the Sandinistas to Hugo Chavez to Fidel Castro to, of course, the Soviet Union. What was so bad about being accused of being a communist? The problem with McCarthy was that he was right too many times about things. If he was wrong about it, they would have made a joke and laughed about it and so forth, but he was getting too close in a lot of ways. McCarthyism is one of these things that’s so greatly misunderstood and now misreported and exaggerated.

But Barney doesn’t even get the irony here, he doesn’t even understand Joe McCarthy sat there on a committee and was basically using the power of government to impugn, legally or not, falsely or not, private citizens. Barney Frank’s doing the same thing, demanding their names be made public, that their bonuses be turned back, even after being told that they are being threatened and they fear for their own safety. (doing Frank impression) ‘I don’t care (unintelligible) names (unintelligible) produce them, here (unintelligible) I don’t care, McCarthyism, the names will be produced. (unintelligible) I don’t care what you say.’ This is the unbridled power of government that doesn’t seem to be stoppable.

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