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RUSH: President Obama and Vice President Biden are once again threatening people today, this time state legislators. If they don’t follow Obama’s new rules, they’re going to send Biden out there to give them what-for. And the teleprompter today told Obama to say this…

OBAMA: The rules I’m putting in place today will help create a new culture of accountability.


OBAMA: I’m pleased that the US conference of mayors is committed to joining us in this effort. I don’t need to remind you that the American people are watching what we do.

RUSH: Half of them are.

OBAMA: They need this plan to work. They’re skeptical, and understandably, because they’ve seen taxpayer dollars frittered away before. They expect to see their hard-earned money spent efficiently, and this extraordinary moment requires extraordinary responsibilities on all our part. There’s little room for error here, especially at a time for crisis.

RUSH: This teleprompter is a card. This teleprompter is hilarious! The things that this teleprompter gets this man to say, in the midst of the least accountability on spending of government assets I have ever seen. I love this teleprompter! This teleprompter has more power over this man than his wife does, than Jeremiah Wright does. Do you realize, this teleprompter is forcing Obama to say stupider things than Jeremiah Wright’s probably telling him to say, or Bill Ayers? I love this teleprompter.

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