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RUSH: Carol from Baltimore. We’ve been trying to get her back for a couple, three days now, but she’s with us. Thank you, madam, for getting back to us. We appreciate it.

CALLER: Well, thank you. Um, I’m not a Dittohead, but I — I — I —

RUSH: I remember that.


RUSH: I remember that from your last call. You made that clear.

CALLER: Oh, okay. What I wanted to ask is that you tell the complete truth, Rush, when you say things. Like, um… I — I told your screener that I would just stick to the subject, so I am. When you said that the lady asked Obama for a car and a sink and that the kid asked Obama for some benefits, what you did not say is the lady said she was homeless. And they found out that she had a job, she lost her job. She and her husband both lost her jobs. They were sleeping in a car, and she said it that she needed more than a car —

RUSH: Needed a new car, and —

CALLER: No, she didn’t —

RUSH: — needed a kitchen and a sink.

CALLER: Rush, she did not say that.

RUSH: Look, I’ve looked into this, Carol. You want truth, here’s truth.

CALLER: Rush, I’ve watched the repeats on it. You can play it. You can play —

RUSH: The woman and her son had owned property a year prior. They had sold it. She was not homeless. But you’re missing the point of the recitation of that event. This poor woman — see, I feel horrible for this woman. I feel so sad for her. She actually thinks that the election of a president means that she personally is going to get from him.

CALLER: No, she didn’t.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: She asked him, could he help her. That’s all she says. She didn’t say I expect you to do this; I’ve been waiting for you to, ummm…

RUSH: When you have… See, now, this is where you’re going to have to start using your brain. You’re here at a town meeting, got one chance in the world to ask the president of the United States anything, and you ask for specific things for yourself, it means you have an expectation of getting them.

CALLER: Well, sure! If I was homeless and —

RUSH: This is what Obama has done to these people. You know, Carol — Carol —

CALLER: If I was homeless, I would — I would say the same thing.

RUSH: She was offered a house by the wife of a Florida congressman.

CALLER: But that was afterwards, it was not before.

RUSH: Yeah, and she said I’ll have to inspect it first. She said, ‘I’ll have to inspect it first.’ Carol, you know what, you gotta understand, you love you, and I love people like this woman. I hate to see her life destroyed by the allegiance she to a political party that has no compassion for her as a human being at all.

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