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Rush’s Morning Update: Roost
March 23, 2009

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In a surprising turn of events (at least to Democrats),Senator Chris Dodd’s poll numbers have plummeted in his home state of Connecticut. According to an early poll, Rob Simmons– the Republican challenger for Dodd’s seat in 2010– is running neck-and-neck with the five-term incumbent.

Last week we learned that despite his early denials, Chris Dodd did tinker with the legislation that paved the way for the AIG bonuses to be paid. Chris then tried to blame his staff and Tim Geithner at Treasury.

Dodd is among the Democrats largely responsible for the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. He was also one of the Very Important People who got special treatment on his own mortgage from Countrywide –one of the biggest players in the mortgage scandals. The Democrat-led Senate ethics committee is trying to figure out how to whitewash that one.

And then there’s the “pardon” issue. Edward Downe, one of Dodd’sbuddies with whom he owned property,was a powerful director at Bear Stearns. He was convicted of insider trading. Dodd wrote a letter to his pals in the Clinton White House, calling Downe a “good person” –and magically, a pardon was granted.

Now, it’s early yet,so Democrats think all this will blow over by 2010;they’re not worried for old Chris. But if the chickens are ever going to come home to roost for Chris Dodd,this next electionwould be a sub-prime time, folks, and some sayit’s overdue.

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