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RUSH: You remember, they got all those jokes about how dumb George W. Bush is. In fact, I hadn’t seen this. I was channel surfing around last night looking to see if I could find a movie worth watching, and I started with HBO because it’s the first movie channel on DirecTV, channel 501; and I saw the stage show Will Farrell is doing, Good Night with George W. Bush or A Last Day or whatever. It was just outrageous, portraying this guy as the biggest boob, Looney Tune, stupid idiot on the face of the earth. It made me sick watching this stuff, and I realized, you know, that the theater wherever it was taking place was loaded with people laughing themselves silly. And we would never, ever get anything like that about Obama — and this guy is truly, truly dangerous. I don’t know how smart he is. You know, education is one thing. Common sense smart is another.

But let’s talk about it. Bush: how-dumb-is-he jokes. We heard ’em all over the place. How about if we take the other tack with Obama? How about we start talking about how smart he is. Let’s do some bits on how smart Obama is. He is so smart that he can increase the national debt by $9 trillion and brag that he’s cutting spending by $4 trillion! He’s so smart, he can say he wants us out of Iraq in 16 months and he can say that for the next 27 months. He’s so smart, he can still say that today. He’s so smart that he can say that he’ll get the world to love us again, while Poland and England and France and Germany and the European Union are furious with us, not to mention the ChiComs. And he’s going to work with Iran to stop nukes. All of this stuff is happening. The jokes are on us. When Bush was president, the jokes were on him. With Obama it’s a total joke and the joke is on us, and it actually isn’t funny. Hang on a minute. Where did I… I… I… (muttering). Oh, goody. Oh, here, as a prelude, grab audio sound bite 25. Can you find it in four seconds? Play it.

OBAMA: We could set up systems so that everybody in each house have their own smart meters that, uhh, will tell you when to turn off the lights, when the peak hours are, can help you sell back energy, uh, that you’ve generated in your home through a solar panel or through, uh, eh, other mechanisms. All this can be done, but it also creates jobs right now. Our biggest problem, we don’t have enough electricians to lay all these lines out there.

RUSH: (laughing) The joke’s on us! This is from his Internet town meeting just moments ago.

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