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RUSH: Orrin in Bloomington, Illinois. Great to have you here. Thank you for waiting, and hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. Thank you for taking my call, from the home state of some of the most amazing politicians we’ve ever seen.

RUSH: Rod Blagojevich, yes, I agree with you.

CALLER: Well, that’s a good start, but we have a couple in Washington that are just doing some things that really worry me. But I called today to ask a favor of you, to see if you could help the liberals and the left in the future. I may have thrown you a little bit, but I want to revert back, and I know it’s not on today’s program, but you talked a little bit about the legislative action or inaction that’s taking place in our federal legislature right now. In particular, the laws that they want to pass —

RUSH: Hang on just a second. We’re going to have to start speaking English here. For those of you in the Rio Linda and Port St. Lucie, the federal legislature is Congress, and it happens to be Barney Frank’s committee that we’re talking about, and you’re talking about Geithner’s appearance there today?

CALLER: Well, I am talking about that, but the action towards cutting or to oversee the payment of executives, not only throughout the entire private sector, far beyond the banks, and I think that the reason I called is I think that you would be able to help the liberals understand something, and that is that if this is passed, if this actually succeeds, that someday, and I have no doubt that someday the conservatives we will again win the majority, and at that point a precedent will have been set and will have been set in law, and at that time, then if it were so chosen, the legislature could then go, all right, Mr. Executive, or Mrs. Executive, of the unions and the union officers, we’re now going to limit your pay, and, oh, by the way, union workers, we’re now going to limit your pay, because you’re not producing, and that is because the liberals in 2009 —

RUSH: Okay, now, I understand what you are saying. It is in fact a variation on one of my monologues of weeks ago and in which I warned you liberals, go ahead, you go ahead and transform our government. You give yourselves limitless power to control and dictate people’s lives, and you understand this: the day’s going to come when you lose control of that government. It just happens. It’s cyclical. You will lose control. And we are going to have that control. Once we win, we’re going to have the new sweeping federal tyrannical powers that you have initiated in the government during your time in power, and we are gonna use ’em against you, we’re going to start funding our own groups in violation of the law. Of course, it won’t be in violation of the law anymore. We’re going to give our own think tanks and our own community organizing groups your tax dollars and we’re going to use every dollar we can to investigate every damn one of your leaders who bastardized our government the way they did. And then, we are going to limit the salaries of athletes and actors and movie studio executives and everybody who ever gave a dime to any Democrat anywhere. We’re going to use the tools that you built into the government, and we’re going to turn ’em right back on you, so you better be careful what you do.

That was the essence of my brilliant monologue of some weeks ago, correct? The reason why that will not resonate with liberals, by the way, Orrin, I hate to tell you, it’s not going to stop them from doing what they’re doing, because they, in their minds, are never going to lose power again. That’s what tyranny is. Tyranny does not lose power. But it’s an interesting concept. But, see, here’s the thing. It would never really happen. You know why it would never really happen? Because we, as conservatives, we don’t want to use that kind of power on people, and we’re not people of vengeance and punishment and so forth. Oh, it might be fun, you know, for a year or two while we’re in the process of rolling it all back, but we would roll it back. We would get rid of that garbage. We would get rid of all that tyrannical garbage in government. That would be our objective if we get power back. Our objective would be to return liberty and freedom to the American people that have had it usurped and taken from them by the Obama administration and the left.

But while we’re in the process of winding it down, it would be fun to tell everybody that works at ABC, CBS, NBC, bammo, ‘You got a maximum $250,000 you can earn,’ corporate suite down to the talent. Ditto, Hollywood. And, by the way, we think movie prices are too high, ticket prices. We’re going to demand that movie tickets, it’s a buck and a half, and you’re going to live off what a buck and a half will generate on some of the worthless crap that you are producing. We’re going to mandate that DVDs are given away two weeks after the theoretical release. Once you establish these kinds of powers, who’s to stop you? But to say this as a warning sign to the left, let me ask you, Snerdley, do you think it would stop them? Heck no! It wouldn’t give them a moment pause because they don’t ever consider the notion of losing power. The dirty little secret is, Orrin, and this is really what you need to think about, they don’t plan on there being any conservatives left. Just, you know, walking around, voting, on the radio, conservatives are going to be around, but you’re going to have to go to special places to see them.

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