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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, they have really ramped up. The Democrat Party has really ramped it up in the special election in the 20th District of New York. As you know, one of the candidates there, the Democrat Scott Murphy, put out a mailer this week that has my picture all over it and quotes from me all over it. He’s trying to equate me with the Republican candidate, Jim Tedesco. Scott Murphy does not detail anything he is for in his mailer. He does not give anybody one reason to vote for him. Now, the Democrats are obviously worried about this because the Democrat National Committee and the Obama White House are now doubling down in this election.

Obama has endorsed Scott Murphy. The president will offer an endorsement. However, his endorsement and he himself will not appear in the ad, nor is his voice heard. Instead, there’s a picture of him that is shown as the narrator says, ‘Upstate New Yorkers deserve somebody with the right skills to represent them in Washington. That’s why President Obama is supporting Scott Murphy for Congress.’ So the teleprompter is endorsing Scott Murphy, not Obama. The teleprompter is telling Obama and the people that write the ads, what to say. I don’t care. It’s a teleprompter. I don’t care it’s a 52-inch JumboTron or if it’s two-winged… The teleprompter is endorsing Scott Murphy. Here’s the ad.

ANNOUNCER (whispering): In the worst recession in a generation, upstate New Yorkers deserve someone with the right skills to represent them in Washington. (upbeat) That’s why President Obama is supporting Scott Murphy for Congress! Scott Murphy is the only candidate with the proven business experience we need. As a businessman, he helped create a thousand new jobs upstate — and in Congress he’ll work with President Obama to spur investment and create jobs right here at home. For jobs and our future, vote Scott Murphy for Congress this Tuesday! (speaking rapidly) The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

RUSH: Yes. So there you have it. President Obama is supporting? Well, Obama’s teleprompter is supporting Scott Murphy for Congress. So this race — as the Democrats have shaped it, now, not me of course. But this special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand, who has now replaced Hillary in the Senate, is Obama versus Limbaugh. This is not Scott Murphy versus Tedesco. It’s Obama versus Limbaugh ’cause the Democrat is sending out leaflets suggesting that I am the real opponent here. And the reason they’re doing this is ’cause they think that it will inspire the base, Democrat base voters in sheer anger to show up and vote against me. Again, Mr. Murphy, is apparently without the character or the competence to explain to people why he is the better candidate of the two.

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