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Rush’s Morning Update: Expectations
April 3, 2009

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According toDrive-By headlines, new jobless claims jumped “unexpectedly” to the highest level in 26 years. Almost six million Americans are unemployed, and many are having a hard time finding new jobs.

No matter what the economic news is, these so-called experts are always surprised. The news is always “unexpected.” So let me take the guesswork out of this for you and the “experts”:

•I fully expect unemployment to keep rising– in the private sector.
•I expect the so-called stimulus plan– which was a wish list of Democrat projects– to stimulate government growth, not private sector growth.
•I expect the angry, bitter, populist class warfare that fuels Democrat policy-making to harm prosperity.
•I expect a bumpy ride with inflation; the government cannot just continue to print billions it doesn’t have– without consequence.
•I expect the out-of-control spending that’s taking place nowto further damage growth.

But I also expect this, my friends: We will recover. Not because of anything the government is doing, but in spite of it. We are a resilient people; creative. We will adapt and succeed, despite the obstacles being thrown at us.The smallest minority in this country — the individual– will not be satisfied with failure, andthus togetherwe will achieve. Because we are Americans. And that’swhat we do. We will succeed — join us.

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