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RUSH: You think I should tell ’em, Snerdley? I don’t like to go public with this kind of information, but it would buttress my case. I have been on a diet. I started March the 9th, I think. Yeah. Let me check the date here. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Yep, yep. I started March the 9th. Today is Day 27. I have lost 27 pounds, twenty-seven pounds in 27 days. No, I’m not going to tell you how because I’ve done every diet.

They all work. This is the point. There’s not a diet out there that doesn’t work. Even the grapefruit diet works. They all work. It’s, of course, the maintenance and all that that’s the trick for people and it always has been the trick for me — and I have not exercised. When I tell people that, ‘Well, then you’re losing too fast,’ or, ‘You’re not gonna tone your skin. It will be flabby.’ No, that’s not the case. You know, I’m the expert in this. I’ve done this I can’t tell you how many times in my life. I know what happens. I know how diets go. I’ve done it I don’t know how many times. I can predict it when I start one of these things just on the basis of how I feel. I can tell whether the diet is working or whether it isn’t working. I don’t even need the scales, and I don’t need to test how clothes fit or anything.

I know it just on the basis of how I’m feeling. I’ve done it, but I’ve just done this with (as others would define it) no exercise. Yeah, I played golf, but I do that anyway. You know, I haven’t stepped up any exercise regimen, other than, you know, normally what I do. (interruption) If I could, would I play four or five days a week? Aaah, I don’t know. Maybe three. Maybe four or five. But the reason I say, ‘No, not four or five’ is because the more I play the worse I get. The more days in succession. It’s just me. It’s just… (interruption) How long am I going to do the diet? Well, the great thing about this one is I don’t even feel like I’m on one — other than, you know, mentally I know I’m on one. There are certain things that I cut out. No adult beverages, and no fried foods and that kind of thing.

It’s about 1500 calories a day, but you don’t measure it. It’s just the way it’s all put together. I don’t know. I figure I’ll go another 75 pounds. I ought to have that done by September, August or September if not sooner. We’ll see. What I’m thinking of doing this time, is I’m thinking of losing 25 more than I want so I have another year of fun and frolic to put it all back on. That’s my philosophy is you can lose it in six months, and whenever you lose it in six months, takes three years to put back on, and those three years are just fun as they can be. So it’s all about the attitude; it’s all about how do you look at this stuff. But I figure 25 or 24 more pounds. What did I say, 63, 53 or 63 more? I’m not sure. We’ll just see. I’m not even really thinking about it, it’s just happening.

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