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Rush’s Morning Update: Ignored
April 9, 2009

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Obama’s education secretary, Bill Ayers — uh, sorry:Arne Duncan — told about 400 Denver students that they weren’t working hard enough;they should be spending more time in school. “You’re competing for jobs with kids from India and China,” he told them. “I think schools should be open six, seven days a week; eleven, twelve months a year.”

Arne Duncan also endorsed “merit pay”for teachers,as well as allowing districts to waive union contractsso that teachers can participate in after-skrool tutoring or work on weekends. And Duncan said he believes strongly in skrool choice,that parents and kids oughta have the right to decide which — this is BS!He doesn’t believe any of this! At least the administration doesn’t! What are we reading here!

Back to the update… Secretary Duncan urged the students to go ahead and boo him if they felt like it. Instead, they just stared blankly– perhaps thinking he’d lost his mind. More likely they were simply bored, wondering what time they could escape assembly and get their government-sponsored lunch.

Normally, these pronouncements from an education secretary would spark a war with theteachers unions,or with liberal parents who think their kids are already overburdened and overworkedbecause their book-bags are too heavy.

But I predict, my friends, this will notcause a ripple. Democrats will still force kids into failing schools, demand more and more money for schools that underachieve, and continue the effort to dumb down as many American kids as possible. After all,they’re going to need a strong voter base in years to come! So, poor old secretary Arne Duncan will just politely beignored.

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