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Rush’s Morning Update: Chilling
April 10, 2009

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A new Rasmussen poll reveals that only 53 percent of American adults believe that capitalism is better than socialism. (That the United States is better than Russia?) Barely over half. Twenty percent openly favor socialism, and 25 percentare not sure.Investors, by a huge margin, choose capitalism. Adults under 30 gravitate more toward socialism. A third of Democrats prefer socialism, while Republicans by an 11-to-1 margin are capitalist.

So the left’s relentless campaign to discredit capitalism is paying off: fewer and fewer Americans understand the value ofcapitalismas it relates to their own lives –or tothe rise of America asa superpower. Fewer understand the value of free markets, private property rights, the benefits of risk and reward, the power of individual ambition, or the correlation between limited government and prosperity.

If this trend continues unabated, the left will get what they have long desired:an America where central planners are empowered and individuals are forced into conformity –a less wealthy, less powerful nationthat has no resemblance to the America of our founding.

Our freedom does not exist in a vacuum, folks. It is part and parcel of our economic freedom,which finds its perfect expression in free market capitalism. The more government bureaucrats and power-hungry politicians exert their inept, populist-driven will over our capitalist system, the less liberty remains for all of us.

That so few understand this…is chilling, scary.

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