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RUSH: Man, these youngsters are fired up out there. It’s spring break. We got another one. He’s fourteen years old. Josh in Los Angeles. Josh, I have about a minute and a half, but I wanted to get you on.

CALLER: Hi, Rush?

CALLER: Hi. I called to talk to you. I actually live close to Beverly Hills, where that girl lives who called earlier.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And wanted to talk about how in the schools they’ve really been sensationalizing President Obama, but not educating the kids about why. I remember they had the inauguration dispersed throughout the entire school, and I asked one of my teachers, ‘Did they do the same thing for George Bush?’ and they kind of gave me this, ‘Oh, no, but, you know, this is a really, really historic one,’ and I kind of responded by saying, ‘Well, you know, any of the 44 (sic) men who have been elected president is pretty historic, and so why wouldn’t they put it on for George Bush?’ And I just keep getting this, ‘Well, well, well, well, whatever.’

RUSH: You’re a real troublemaker, Josh. I love you.

CALLER: (laughs) I think it’s wrong that they’re not, because so many kids at my school — I’ve seen too many — Obama T-shirts. Obama this, Obama that. On Facebook, everyone puts, ‘Obama! Obama!’ Obama this, Obama that.

RUSH: This is part of the plan. We saw evidence of this during the campaign, when there were videos of little school kids singing songs about President Obama. Josh, have a great Easter and a great spring break, and thanks for calling in. See, folks? They’re not all being brainwashed out there. That’s fabulous news.

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