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RUSH: ‘Defense officials said that the United States military –‘ I’m sorry. Let me rewrite this. Who wrote this? Fox News. They’re slipping up. ‘Defense officials said the US military is considering attacks on Somali pirate bases on land and aid for the people there to help stop the hijacking of ships off Africa’s coast, Bloomberg.com reported.’ This is not Fox, I’m sorry, Bloomberg got it wrong. President Obama’s ‘plan would include helping Somalia create their own coast guard and train security forces.’ That sounds like nation building. The Coast Guard? Oh, I’m sorry. President Obama is going to use the military to attack Somali pirate bases on land and then provide aid for the people in Somalia to help stop the hijacking. The president’s plan would include helping Somalia create their own Coast Guard and trained security forces.

Now, that sounds strangely similar to exactly what President Bush had in mind in Iraq, does it not? Help me out if I am wrong on this. The second in command on the Maersk Alabama yesterday said, look, this is not solved. We’ve got big problems out there, and these pirates are roaming the oceans, and they’re hijacking everything. He said the world’s gotta come together. And President Obama, with another brilliant plan, I mean this is something nobody would have ever thought of. We’re gonna bomb their land bases, and then we’re going to train their Coast Guard, so we’re going to create a Coast Guard so that Somalis can have a Coast Guard off their own coast to prevent their own pirates from getting out into the open sea. ‘Officials said the plan would be submitted to the Obama administration…’ this is another piece of BS. Here again Bloomberg is trying to portray our brave president as totally detached from this.

To say that the military’s come up with a plan that they’re going to present to the president — that’s not how it works here. This is Obama’s plan. He’s presented it to the military. Here’s our brave new president. He does great things. So we’re going to tell the Somalis, ‘It’s up to you to stop your own pirates. We’re going to give you you’re own Coast Guard, going to train a Coast Guard, and you stop it.’ It sounds like exactly what the game plan was in Iraq. But I don’t know how we’re going to feed the people of Somalia again. We fed ’em back in the nineties, and now we got starving Americans. Have you seen the stories of all the homeless people? Have you seen the stories of all the starving Americans? And we’re going to feed the Somalis again, for the second time in 15 years? Don’t be fooled, folks. Do not be fooled. We’re going to Somalia for the oil. We’re heading in there to do whatever we can to deplete that country of its natural resources as punishment for their sending pirates out there. The only thing not explained in this story is what President Obama’s exit strategy will be from Somalia. But we’ll just have to wait as that unfolds.

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