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Rush’s Morning Update: Tests
April 14, 2009

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Mission Accomplished! The media is reveling in the Navy SEAL rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, held hostage for five days bythe Somali merchant marine organizers. Finally, a military victory the Drive-Bys can celebrate.

The Washington Post titled the operation “an early military victory for Obama,” calling it “one of the earliest tests of the new American President.” The Post says it could “quell criticism” that Obama might “prove unwilling or unable to harness military might when necessary.”

You see, the Drive-Bys are so caught up in the momentthat they ignore other “tests” this administration faces. For instance, Obama’s response to North Korea’s failed “in-your-face” missile launchwas to get the UN to issue a “stern” statement. Again. We threatened sanctions. Again.

And Iran is still nuking up, while we’re still talking about…talking. The latest Iranian response to our desire to talkwas to slap charges against an American journalist they’re holding.

Meanwhile, Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, reports the Obama administration is making moves to undermine Israel’s new prime minister. The administration has briefed Democrat congressmen,preparing them for confrontation with Benjamin Netanyahu,because he doesn’t subscribe to the so-called two-state solution. Harretz reports the Obama administration is also ready to accept a nuclear Iran– as long as they promise not to build weapons with it.

So…Here’s a suggestion to you Drive-By Obama cheerleaders:Don’t go overboard just yet. We are at the beginning of a long test period,and the resultsare not at all certain –not by a long shot.

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