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RUSH: Larry King Alive last night had Trump on, and King challenged my patriotism because I’ve ceased doing business in New York and refuse to pay taxes there. So King says, ‘Rush Limbaugh doesn’t live in New York, got out, whatever he had invested, he’s gone.’

TRUMP: There’s no reason for Rush Limbaugh to live in New York, and they raised the taxes, and he said, ‘Well, now it’s time for me to leave.’ So they brought it up to the breaking point, and he announced that he’s leaving New York, and he’s gonna save a lot of money by living in Florida.

KING: Why don’t patriots want to pay taxes?

TRUMP: Well, I don’t know that that’s necessarily unpatriotic. I think they want to pay taxes. Obviously you have to pay taxes. But they want to pay a reasonable tax, and they don’t want to see the money squandered.

RUSH: Exactly right. If you get something for it, if there’s some meaning, but this is a leftist trick here to define paying high taxes as patriotic. I think even Biden said it’s a patriotic duty to pay higher taxes, when in fact Larry King himself I’m sure has accountants and tax lawyers do everything they can to limit what he has to pay. Everybody that makes a lot of money, anybody that makes money, period, tries to pay as little as they can, within the confines of tax law. By the way, I played golf with Trump on Sunday at his golf course. He is a great golfer. I had seen him out at the AT&T National Pro-Am. I’d never played with him out there, and I’d heard was a five or six hand– this guy was three under. He hits the ball almost as far as I do. He kept saying, ‘You didn’t know Trump was such a great golfer, you didn’t know.’ ‘I knew you were good, but I had no idea that you were three under,’ and this is a 6,800, 7,000-yard course as we played it on Sunday afternoon.

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