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Rush’s Morning Update: Decals
April 20, 2009

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Another “first-in-the-nation” law was passed and signed last week by Governor Jon Corzine– Democrat, New Jersey. Next year, new drivers 21 and under will have to display special decals on theircars to alert law enforcement that a youth is driving.

The decals will supposedly help authorities determine if the drivers are violating curfew restrictions placed on teenage drivers who must be off the roads after midnight. In addition, youthful drivers can only have one other teenager in thecar with them, and cell phones aren’t allowed –not even hands-free units.

The exact design isn’t firmed up yet,but the plan is for small reflective rectangles to be attached to the front and rear license plates.

Knowing liberals the way I do,it won’t be long before the idea spreads. What a great idea for the Democrat Party/Barack Obama Department of Homeland Security. Since the agency has alerted law enforcement that returning veterans and “single-issue voters” — concerned about abortion or illegal immigration — are all potential terrorists,the use of appropriate decals could be of tremendous help.

Obama’s DHS can require returning vets and all suspected conservatives to place identifying signage on their cars– and the doors of their homes, too– for national security reasons. And since rectangle designs are already in use, perhaps Obama’s security team can come up with a scarlet letter. Or maybe star-shaped decals. After all, there is a track recordfor those kinds of things…right? (Don’t kid yourself — this could happen!)

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