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RUSH: Amarillo, Texas, this is Andrew. Andrew called us, what was it, last week, Andrew, that you called us?

CALLER: Yes, sir, last week, the day of the tea party.

RUSH: That’s right, called the day of the tea parties, and you weren’t quite certain what their point was because you were convinced that most people loved Obama because you thought that’s what the media was saying. So to what do we owe this great pleasure of your calling back?

CALLER: Well, I would just like to tell you, coming from a Democrat — once again, I can’t stress this enough — coming from a Democratic point of view, when I called your show, I did not get what all these people had this grievance, this grievance with President Obama for, I did not get it. After going to the Amarillo tea party, in front of the post office, talking to people there, I began to realize what they were saying, and it started to hit me. How much truth they had with this single subject here, how much truth they were speaking. I realized, you know, all the different packages and plans Obama had put in place since he has been in office, and, like I said, it hit me like a ton of bricks after interviewing all these people, talking to all these people, how much they are right and the government is overspending, overspending with our money.

RUSH: Now, this is fascinating. Let me ask you a question about this. Going to the tea parties and talking to the people there was the first time, I’m assuming, I’m asking, the first time you had heard the real reasons they were there?


RUSH: The real reasons they were there you had not heard because you had only been informed by virtue of the media?

CALLER: I was hearing from CNN, MSNBC —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — that these people were just protesting the presidency, I guess you could say, they were mad, that’s what I was hearing from CNN and MSNBC.

RUSH: Yeah. And so now your eyes have been opened, and you’ve learned exactly why these people were there. Did you learn that they’re not threatening to you?

CALLER: I don’t think that they were threatening to me, no.

RUSH: No. Well, they were portrayed that way as being threats to America, threats to Obama. That’s why I asked.

CALLER: Oh, no.

RUSH: They were pretty much nice people?

CALLER: Oh, they were very polite people, they were very polite. As a matter of fact, I introduced myself coming from a Democratic point of view, and they were still very nice to me and let me talk to them.

RUSH: I’m sure they were eager for you to understand how they felt since they finally had a chance to tell you directly. These people know that what they believe and stand for is being inaccurately reported in the media. I’m sure they looked at the opportunity to talk to you, as just that, a great opportunity. I’m glad you went, Andrew.

CALLER: Yes. So am I.

RUSH: So where are you now, after you’ve gone to the tea party, after you understand where these people are coming from, and you’ve agreed with some of what they believe.

CALLER: Yes, I do, and even hitting on today’s subject, today’s subject with Hugo Chavez, I am a firm believer that, for God’s sake, that is a man, Hugo Chavez, who called President Bush the devil, who just last month called Barack Obama himself an ignorant man and has done nothing but tear down the United States. Why would we want to be associated with somebody like this?

RUSH: Well, that’s a good question. It’s an excellent question and you’re right, he did call Barack Obama an ignoramus. This was back on March the 2nd or the third or somewhere around there. At any rate, and then he gave him the book to help enlighten Obama about the destructive tendencies of the United States of America in this hemisphere so that he no longer would be an ignoramus. And Obama accepted it, smiling, with handshakes and so forth. You know, here’s something for you to ponder, and I mentioned this at the beginning of this hour. Barack Obama is far more willing — and of course we’ve got a lot of liberals out there, ‘We need to talk to people that disagree with us, Mr. Limbaugh, we need to talk to people that have problems with us.’ Fine. Obama’s willing to go talk with all the anti-American tyrants he can find. He won’t talk to me. He will not talk to any conservatives. He tells America not to listen to me. He tells members of Congress not to listen to me. But there he is down there buddying up, kissing ass with Hugo Chavez. You ask why would he do this, and he’s smiling.

Let me tell you something. When he goes down there, Andrew, this is something for you to consider, when he goes down there and says: (paraphrasing) ‘The stale arguments and stale debates of the past, I’m not interested. We’ve gotta move forward. I’m glad they didn’t blame me for what they don’t like about this country when I was only three months old.’ He didn’t say, ‘How dare you insult my country in front of me.’ He thanked them for not insulting him. So the thing to conclude here, and it’s hard not to conclude this, that he has a degree of agreement with them in their view of America and wants to change America so that they don’t dislike it as much, but he wants to change America on their premise, not ours. It’s also abundantly clear to me, Andrew, that this is all about him. Obama foreign policy, Obama domestic policy is all about him. It’s not about the United States of America. He’s on a cult of personality tour, and I think he buys into this notion that he’s messianic, The One. He’s the one we’ve been waiting for, essentially. I’m glad you called back, I’m glad you went to the tea parties, and I’m close to saying to you, Andrew, welcome home. By the time you call back, I think I’ll be able to full-fledged say, welcome home.

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