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RUSH: If you want to know the root of Obama and the left’s actions when it comes to releasing the CIA interrogation memos and now putting greater constraints on people in the field who go interrogate captured prisoners, there is a simple reality to explain it above and beyond the liberalism and the extreme leftism that is these people.

To explain it, let me proclaim an established truism. It is this: Barack Obama thinks he’s better and more moral, more special than any president we’ve ever had. He’s The One. I firmly believe he’s gotta messianic complex. But even if you don’t believe that, you can listen to him speak just the last two or three days or the sum total of his speeches and you know he thinks he’s special. And this country was immoral and unjust until he came along — and now we’re on the right road. Okay, if you have that established: America sucked, America had problems, America was not the best she could be, America was immoral and unjust before Obama gets here. That means everybody was immoral and unjust, from George Washington on to George W. Bush. So what’s Obama up against? In the world of protecting the United States, nobody’s done it better, recently, than George W. Bush and his administration. After 9/11, not one single attack, by terrorists, on this country’s soil. That’s unarguable.

You can argue if you want, but it’s inarguable. If you want to be wrong, go ahead and be wrong. So you have that as a baseline. You have that as a foundation. The simple reality is that Obama and his people cannot deal with the previous administration’s success in stopping more terror in America. Obama’s entire popularity poll existence, relies on the fact that people think he’s special, better than ever before, that everybody came before him — especially Bush — was the absolute pits. They can’t afford for one aspect of the Bush administration to be portrayed as successful. So, tearing up every aspect of the Bush administration’s counterterrorism and defense posture to protect this country, which worked, has to be torn apart in order to keep Obama up on the pedestal. He’s supremely narcissistic, a man about whom this country is devoted to him. This is all about him. This has nothing to do with the country. It has nothing to do with our way of life. Every aspect of his presidency is about building him up, making him appear to be savior, messiah, whatever term you want to call it — and don’t think others are doing it. He’s inspiring it.


RUSH: This morning on Joe Scarborough’s show, PMSNBC, he had Elijah Cummings, Democrat, Maryland on. Scarborough said, ‘So you visited Latin America, you went to Colombia, you saw the president this past week getting criticized. How do you think he did?’

CUMMINGS: What has happened with President Obama is that, as in the elections, a lot of people underestimate the man who I believe is a great leader. He takes leadership to another height. Now, I understand the Chavez situation and people are trying to figure out, did he smile, did he — you know, but I think Barack Obama is above that and I think that a lot of times people are operating on a little bit lower level than he is. His leadership is a leadership that this country has not seen a lot of.

RUSH: There you have it, the messianic complex come to life in Elijah Cummings. This sort of sums up the emotional attachment Democrats have to Obama, whatever he does is good. Why? Because it’s him doing it. And, by the way, it’s so good nobody has ever done it this good before. He’s above all this stuff, shaking hands with Chavez. Don’t forget, either, that Elijah Cummings is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, which idolizes Fidel Castro. So it’s not as though Chavez and Castro are looked upon with disfavor by Elijah Cummings. Scarborough then said, ‘It’s been quite a 90-day time period. George Bush reached out to Vladimir Putin early, thinking it would yield results. Didn’t. And so you believe that if this president reaches out, has his hand slapped, he’ll pull back?’

CUMMINGS: I believe that. And I think leadership, you know, I’ve always believed that leadership, true leadership is always before its time, and I think that you have to — and I think Barack believes it — that you’ve gotta act on what you believe is right, and then sometimes you gotta wait for the critics to catch up.

RUSH: So not only is he unlike anybody we’ve ever had, he’s so far ahead of us that we are blinded by the light, as we look at his trail. He’s so far ahead of us, folks, that all we see is the dust in which he is leaving us. He’s so far ahead of his time. And people ask me, ‘How the hell could he have gotten elected?’ I give you Elijah Cummings who represents the mind-set, the ignorance of the average Obama voter. This kind of idolatry of political people has happened before, but it’s not healthy, pure demagoguery.

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