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RUSH: John, Charlotte, North Carolina, glad to have you, sir, welcome.

CALLER: Hey, Charlotte dittos and wax awe dittos and all the dittos in between, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Got a question for you real quick.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Your accuracy rating as stated yesterday or the day before, 99.1.

RUSH: No, no. Documented now to be almost always right 99.

CALLER: Okay. When you started, obviously before you had an opinion, it was a hundred percent. What were you wrong to drop it?

RUSH: It’s so long ago. You know, it wasn’t just one giant thing. I mean a bunch of small, insignificant things. But they still count if they’re offered as opinions. And they’re just small, insignificant things that happened over the years. I mean my opinions have been audited since 1988. And so if you want to say, okay, I started out a hundred percent right, why was it that I didn’t start out at zero?

CALLER: Well, I guess it’s all how you look at it from a math point of view.

RUSH: Well, you’re an optimist. I started out never being wrong because I’d never expressed an opinion. Some would say you start out never being right. (laughing) So I’ve gone from 100 to 99%. One of the primary penalties that I suffered in my opinion audit — and it was just in the past two years — I took the fall for just horrendous mistakes and errors by the staff. I forget, there were two things I was totally misinformed about, I trusted the staff, and when I announced those things, I was wrong. These were factual things. But I then got penalized for expressing my opinion that it was my fault, when it wasn’t, it was the staff’s. And there was another one. I think perhaps these two, taking the fall for the staff and then saying it was my fault when it wasn’t, and I predicted Hillary Clinton would not run for the Senate in New York, all by myself. I didn’t have any help from the staff. In fact, the staff argued with me about that, everybody else did. But those two things probably are largely responsible for my opinion audit being only 99%. That’s a great question out there, John, it’s a great Open Line Friday on Wednesday question.

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