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“Government interference, influence and ownership in the private sector is a killer virus. Obama is bad for business and poison to prosperity.”

“This swine flu, folks… Let me tell you something: It’s nothing to worry about. I’m not going to worry about this outbreak until Fox News puts Geraldo Rivera on 24 hours a day to cover it. Well, Geraldo Rivera is the grim reaper.”

“The Surgeon General doesn’t even perform surgery. I have yet to see the Surgeon General in this country in my lifetime actually operate on anybody.”

“The media tried to tell us Obama was a centrist. He is not. Some conservatives told us Obama was a centrist. He’s not. In fact, Obama’s figured out, folks, something very, very easy to figure out: He can say anything without challenge.”

“I love this prompter, because every now and then this prompter just shows Obama who the boss is.”

“Okay, so David Brooks and Charlie Rose think that we’ve got a very competent manager here in Barack Obama, and a brilliant president. All right, how many tax cheats are in his cabinet? Last time I counted, it was five.”

“You know who the easiest marks for demagogues are? Elites. People who are impressed with their own resumes and intelligence.”

“This is not very reassuring when Obama says, ‘If somebody’s asking you for money up front, it’s probably a scam.’ It’s probably a scam? What does that mean?”

“Somebody said, ‘What if you kiss a pig? Will you get pig flu then?’ Why would you want to kiss a pig? Who in the world is kissing pigs? Ah, yes, maybe the same people who lick frogs, but I don’t know that there is any hallucinogenic value in kissing a pig.”

“I am not a prisoner of my subconscious because I have no emotion. I am dead reality-based in there.”

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