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RUSH: Imagine a flu outbreak, swine flu, bird flu, Democrat flu, whatever, imagine a flu outbreak, and George W. Bush going to play golf and getting hourly reports on the golf course. This flu, folks, let me tell you something. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to sweat here. I’m not going to worry about this outbreak of flu until Fox News puts Geraldo Rivera on 24 hours a day. Geraldo Rivera is the grim reaper, and when enough people start dying from this then we’ll get Geraldo all day and night and he’ll be in 15 different cities at one time to report on it. Great to be back with you, folks. How are you? Rush Limbaugh here behind the Golden EIB Microphone at the distinguished and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Telephone number if you want to be on the program today, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Well, everybody’s getting all caught up in the hundred days. The press is running numerous stories about the hundred days, and there’s this giant disconnect, there’s absolutely not one thing that has been fixed, not one thing that this administration has taken on has even been improved, and yet President Obama’s approval numbers are higher than ever. This means, ladies and gentlemen, that there is a perception of President Obama that is nowhere near the reality of President Obama. And this phenomenon is going to continue until somehow, some way, President Obama can be tied to all of the failures that his administration is racking up, until he could be tied to them in terms that he will be held responsible. That’s going to be very, very, very, very difficult because of the cult-like belief and status that President Obama benefits from. The situation is that he’s trying, and he cares. And he’s got a magic word. Barack Obama has a magic word: ‘Bush.’ He’s actually got another magic word: ‘torture.’ Any time the administration wants to distract anybody from economic news, failures here, failures there, just bring up torture.

By the way, I need to point out here on this flu stuff, we’ve got some Obama sound bites coming up where he says not to worry, it’s cause for alarm, but not panic. Obama has not yet chosen a Surgeon General or even put in a director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (interruption) How does that affect you, Mr. Snerdley? I’m just running a little test here. Well, but no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. It’s a good thing I asked the question. We don’t have a Surgeon General. We don’t have Centers for Disease Control director. I asked Snerdley, ‘What does this mean?’ He said it means we don’t need one; we can handle it without them. I understand what you’re saying. But to me the concern over not having — what’s a Surgeon General do anyway but teach kids how to masturbate so as to prevent AIDS? Hello, Joycelyn Elders. What’s a Surgeon General do except run around and attack Joe Camel to get kids not to smoke? What’s a Surgeon General do? The Surgeon General doesn’t even perform surgery. I have yet to see the Surgeon General in this country in my lifetime actually operate on anybody.

The Centers for Disease Control, hell, that’s such a big bureaucracy, I doubt that anybody running that place knows everything going on there at any one time anyway. So Snerdley says it proves they’re not needed. Yes, ’cause we will deal with this. Why has Mexico got 108 cases and we have 40? Probably differences in health care, for one thing. Sanitation, plus NAFTA. We exported NAFTA down there, including a lot of diseases. Folks, the dirty little secret here is there’s no cause for panic that we don’t have a Surgeon General. It’s an easy way to criticize Obama. But the way to criticize him on that is to say he doesn’t even care. These are inconsequential things to even him. He’s going to handle the Surgeon General job. He’s going to handle the swine flu. Everything that comes along like this, President Bamster is gonna exploit it for his own benefit. Look, here’s the lesson here, ladies and gentlemen, and you can find it in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

By the way, I had a big weekend, as you know, first of two of my annual spring flings, a bunch of friends in over the weekend. As you can imagine, a lot of discussion about politics, current events, and so forth. One of the big discussion topics, who is it that’s really running Obama? A lot of people think that he’s never president, he’s either out making speeches, playing golf, or going to dinner. He gets to the Oval Office at nine o’clock in the morning. Who’s actually president? People started throwing names around, who’s really the man behind the curtain, who’s really running Obama? We got all kinds of names, Axelrod, George Soros, somebody even thought that it was King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and that theory was interesting, too. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia — that’s why Obama bowed to him — and the theory is, and this is very crucial to you understanding it. One day last week Obama says, ‘We’re not going to investigate officially the lawyers in the Bush administration who came up with these methods of torture. We want to move forward.’ The next day, had a meeting there with King Abdullah of Jordan and said just the opposite. ‘Well, we’re not going to investigate the interrogators, but we are going to look into the –‘ and a friend at the spring fling said, ‘What the hell happened overnight? Did he go upstairs to the residence and Michelle Obama, after a phone call, with MoveOn.org said, ‘Hey, you are forgetting who put you in here, pal. You go out there tomorrow and you say we are gonna investigate Bush.”

Then the theory was evolved that he bowed down to the king of Saudi Arabia because the king is actually running Obama, running the show, and the theory there is that if our enemies — i.e., terrorists, militant Islamofascists — can paralyze us to the point we won’t defend ourselves, which is what this interrogation stuff is all about, I mean why in the world release pictures of it? Why threaten to do it? I mean, you’re trying to paralyze the entire defense mechanism here that we use against Islamofascist terrorism or any other kind of terrorism, and so the enemies of America, which are many, if they can persuade us or convince some sycophant doing their dirty work, in this example, Obama, to paralyze our ability to defend ourselves, then we are right where they want us. In trying to determine if anybody or who is behind Obama and running the show, I actually think if you wanted to have to name a person, if you had to name a person, you would probably have to say it was Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals.

This flu is being exploited precisely as a Saul Alinsky would advise it. You convince the people that you are defending them against the things that threaten them: banks, the rich, whoever, but not your real enemies. You don’t ever mention your real enemies, at least international enemies. You convince the people that you are defending them against things that threaten them, like the banks and the automobile companies and big business, you know, all these people that have put the screws to you for years, now the flu, you are protecting the people from the scourge of the swine flu, and what you do is you enlist them without their knowledge, you enlist them into your revolution. I think that’s a pretty good analysis and explanation of what’s happening and the way Obama is setting up and using all these various news events that come down the pike. Republican presidents can never go play golf in a recession; they couldn’t play golf when we’re at war; and they certainly couldn’t go play golf when the country thought we were under the attack of the swine flu. They were said to be uncaring and disconnected. But none of those traits ever attach to President Obama.

I look at Obama, he strikes me as a good time, fairly lazy individual, not a deep thinker but a true ideologue, and he soaked up all the stuff that he’s been exposed to. Most of this stuff that he’s doing was predicted. We predicted what was going to happen in the auto industry, the banking business, we predicted it because it was easily predictable. The media tried to tell us Obama’s a centrist. He was not. He never has been a centrist. Some conservatives told us Obama was a centrist, particularly in foreign policy. He’s not and was not. It’s fascinating to watch this. Obama’s figured out, folks, something very, very easy to figure out. He can say anything without challenge. He can do anything without challenge. He can do almost anything he wishes without effective obstruction, ’cause he’s got the numbers in Congress. Harry Reid is out there saying this guy gives a better speech than anybody in the world ever gave a speech, and Obama thanking Reid for the compliments and he says, yes, I have a gift. Most people just say, thank you, or use of self-deprecating humor, as I do, when such compliments are given. But we’re in the middle here of one-party rule, and I mean one-party rule.

When the Republicans hold Congress and the presidency, we have our McCains, we’ve got Lindsey Grahams, we’ve got all these people that are trying to sabotage us, but there’s no such sabotage or obstruction of Obama from within his own party. He goes out there and promises all of these things, promises this and that, but he’s not saved the auto industry, he hasn’t saved the stock market, he hasn’t saved any jobs, he hasn’t saved business closures, he hasn’t saved consumer spending. He saved nothing. He has not increased the supply of energy, he’s not made the air and the water cleaner, he’s not strengthened the dollar, but he’s trying, and he cares. The reality of Obama, as I say, is far different than the perception that he and his handlers have created, and despite all of these puff piece 100-day stories and how Obama is just universally loved and popular, like here in The Politico, a story from this morning, ‘Obama Scores High Marks in Polls.’ Just so damn popular and yet I have four stories here of abject failure of the Obama administration from the perspective of people who voted for him, who don’t yet blame him, he inherited all this stuff from Bush.


RUSH: Here are a couple sound bites here. They’re sound bites two and three, Mike. This is Obama. He has been getting regular updates on the swine flu crisis. Of course, on Sunday, he had to handle the crisis from the golf course. Our sound bites are from this morning at the National Academy of Sciences annual meeting.

OBAMA: We are closely monitoring the emerging cases of swine flu in the United States, and this is obviously a cause for concern and requires a heightened state of alert. But it’s not a cause for alarm. I’m getting regular updates on the situation from the responsible agencies and the Department of Health and Human Services —

RUSH: Good.

OBAMA: — as well as the Centers for Disease Control will be offering regular updates to the American people.

RUSH: All right, so he’s sitting on it, folks. He’s on top of the crisis making sure that none of you will get sick.

OBAMA: One thing is clear. Our capacity to deal with a public health challenge of this sort rests heavily on the work of our scientific and medical community.

RUSH: Here’s exploitation.

OBAMA: This is one more example of why we can’t allow our nation to fall behind.


OBAMA: Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happened.

RUSH: Bush did it!

OBAMA: Federal funding in the physical sciences as a portion of our gross domestic product, has fallen by nearly half over the past quarter century.

RUSH: ‘Those damn Republicans, they’re just ruining the country! But I, The Messiah, President Barack Obama, I’m going to restore all the spending that these evil Republicans cut from your science budget and from your health care and that’s why there is swine flu because Bush was in the White House. We’re gonna fix this.’ That is true. Canada found out about this before we did. Do you know that Canada found out about what was happening down in Mexico before we did? Yeah, and you know what they’ll say is the reason? ‘Well, Canada’s got national health care. Of course they would find out first.’

I’m telling you, they will exploit everything in order to expand government and to limit personal liberty and freedom. How about this? You know, one of the early victims of the swine flu was the guy who shook Obama’s hand at the museum in Mexico City, when he went down there in a little stop there before he went to the Summit of the Americas. Anyway, President Obama is on top of this. You don’t need to worry about it. He’s gonna make sure that country doesn’t fall behind. (snorts) Probably going to be more cases of swine flu in other countries than here in the United States, and we still are going to listen to President Obama talk about how we need to stop falling behind.


RUSH: The grand pooh-bah of the United Nations is now warning of a worldwide swine flu pandemic. People in some states are being told not to go outside. (laughing) Don’t go outside. (interruption) You’re panicked? Well, your daughter is going to New York City this week? What is it, some school trip? Yeah. Well, that alone is reason not to let her go. Who knows what the school is going to do with your kid once they get ’em to New York City. You’re worried about the flu up there? They got eight cases of it up there. Yeah. I know, I have to go to Los Angeles tomorrow. Well, no. It would not stop me from traveling. We have 40 cases and I tell you, the way our culture and society works, this is being reported as a crisis, it’s a pandemic. All of this is designed to get people to respond to government orders, not to do things or to do things. It is designed to expand the role and power of governments and schools, and the media, of course, just falls right in line here with amplifying the nature of the crisis.

I mean, at any one time, how many people in this country have the flu? The flu is a common thing. People take flu shots for it. Some do, some don’t. But at any one time don’t we have 40 cases of flu in this country? ‘That’s right, that’s true, Mr. Limbaugh, but this is the swine flu.’ So? ‘Well, it’s a worse strain.’ Fine, okay. It’s sad to see so many people want to follow along and fall in line with all this.

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