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RUSH: All right, Christine in Westchester in New York. It’s great to have you on the program, Christine. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Thank you. Thank you, Rush, it’s an honor to speak to you. I listen to you every day.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Thank goodness for you and the Heritage Foundation, otherwise I don’t know what we would do. The reason I’m calling you today is I’m commenting on your comment regarding Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama’s being a great student of his, and I think as a more contemporary person I would focus on George Soros. I mean, it just seems to me that the little bit that I know about him, it’s not just about the money, it’s just… If you look at everything that Obama is doing, it’s George Soros.

RUSH: Well, we can argue about, you know, who is the man behind the curtain, but why do you think there is one?

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: Really, no, I’m serious.


RUSH: This is not a trick question. Why do you think there’s somebody, whoever it is, behind Obama?

CALLER: Because I don’t think he’s good enough to have done all of this all on his own.

RUSH: You mean at age 47 and as a community organizer, you’re not really prepped to be president?

CALLER: You betcha. Yes, I do.

RUSH: And after a hundred days working in the Senate, you’re not qualified enough to be president?

CALLER: No absolutely not.

RUSH: So you think that somebody picked Obama because they knew that the combination of things Obama is — his race, his eloquence, his ability to read the teleprompter — would sort of make him immune from any criticism, that nobody will have the guts to be critical of Obama?

CALLER: I think so. I think he’s been primed for a lot longer than most of us ever even imagine. Now, I may sound a little crazy, and maybe I’m a little bit of a conspiracy kook.

RUSH: Okay, so why do you… Well, this is what happened. She’s reacting, by the way, folks, to a comment I made a little over an hour ago. I had a bunch of houseguests in for the week, 15 people here from Wednesday night through Saturday night (they all left on Sunday) and at dinner every night, all these topics were discussed. One of the things that was discussed is it turned out everybody had a theory explaining Obama, much like yours, Christine. They just don’t think this guy could have risen himself from his own background, had to have a sponsor, had to have somebody orchestrating, directing it, so forth and so on. So everybody started talking about names, who might it be, and of course Soros is a popular one because his hatred of America is well known. His hatred of Republicans is well known. His pocketbook size is also well known.

One of the guests suggesting that it was even somebody like the king of Saudi Arabia after Obama’s bow, because Obama is eager to paralyze our ability to defend ourselves, which is what our enemies want. One person, just to show you how much fun we have when we get together — Christine, you’ll probably love this — one guy in the group said, ‘Everybody’s waiting on a second terror attack. There’s not going to be a second terror attack. There isn’t going to be one! The terrorists, they’re entertainers. They know performance requirements. They know theatrics. They know if they do a second terror attack. They’re going to have to make it much bigger than 9/11. Your second act has to be bigger than the first act.’ He said, ‘Besides, they don’t need a second act. Obama is the second terrorist act!’ I mean, I had opinions in my house going all over the ballpark. It was fascinating. And these are all, in their own right, involved, intelligent people.

But somebody actually thought Obama is terrorist attack number two. Obama is the follow-up to 9/11. So I find it interesting that among those who oppose Obama a lot of people think he couldn’t be doing this on his own. There’s gotta be somebody behind him, somebody writing the speeches. We know that’s Axelrod. Somebody putting words in the teleprompter. We know that that’s Axelrod. Somebody who may have chosen him, prepped him, groomed him, what have you, some man behind the curtain. So she thinks it’s Soros. In the discussion in the last hour, I mentioned, ‘It’s Alinsky! It’s Saul Alinsky. It’s Rules for Radicals. It’s the book.’ By the way, this guy is every bit the ideologue as any man behind the curtain. The thing I don’t like about the discussion of who’s behind Obama is it sorta gives him a pass. It makes him just a sponge soaking all this stuff up and he gets little marching orders and goes out there and pulls ’em off. He is every bit the ideologue as this mythical person behind him in!

He’s picking his cabinet people. He’s picking who it is. I know you might think that he’s being told who to pick. Some people theorize that Michelle is the real activist in the family. Maybe all that’s true, but do not leave him out of it. And, you know, you could look at another passage here from Rules for Radicals. I’m not going to read it exactly. I’ll just give you a paraphrase of Saul Alinsky and Rules for Radicals. You persuade the people — i.e., voters, the American people in this case — that you are defending them from forces hostile to them: bankers, automobile companies, oil companies, drug companies, Walmart! You are defending the people against all these forces that are hostile to them — and once the people buy into that, they have unwittingly bought into your revolution.

Obama is not charged — he does not have the charge in the oath of office and the Constitution — to do what he’s doing. Presidents are stewards of the US Constitution. They do not get to automatically rewrite it and change it, which is what he’s doing and what he’s going to do more of. And the way he’s getting away with it is he’s got 92% of the Democrat people supporting him, 66% or 62% of the American people supporting him. These people unwittingly have been conscripted into his revolution, because he’s ‘protecting them’ against all these hostile forces. So, Soros, Alinsky, whoever. I’ll put it to you this way. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say there is somebody behind Obama. You could find ’em and you could out ’em. You could get rid of them. It’s not going to change anything.

And you could tell the American people, ‘Hey, guess what? You know what? It’s George Soros. George Soros was in charge of electing Obama! George Soros and his people…’ I’ll give you another name that is out there. You’ve heard it, but you don’t think of it in these terms. The guy’s name is John Podesta. John Podesta runs The Center for American Progress, a far-left think tank. He was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. This guy is one of the most partisan people. He wants to impeach Judge Bybee, who wrote some of the torture memos, some of the procedures allowed. He is carrying the water as though he were a member of the administration. What you have to understand is whether there’s a man behind Obama or a woman or nobody, they are all a bunch of liberals combined — and they all, in their own hearts, believe everything they’re doing. So outing one person, even if it’s accurately done, is not going to stop any of this. They’ll just replace him.

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