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RUSH: Speaking of Obama, he went to the FBI today. This was a replay of his trip to the CIA. They grabbed the secretarial pool again, just like they did at the CIA, put ’em in the lobby out there, and had this giant, big, ‘Oh, yeah, we love you, President Obama,’ and here is a portion of his remarks.

OBAMA: Living our values means that we must hold ourselves to higher standards than our enemies. We face a long struggle against a determined adversary. We know that Al-Qaeda is not constrained by a Constitution or by allegiance to anything other than a hateful ideology and a determination to kill as many innocents as possible. But what makes the United States of America so special is precisely the fact that we are willing to uphold our values and our ideals, not just when it’s easy, but when it’s hard.

RUSH: So what he’s basically again saying is, look, I kind of envy Al-Qaeda. They’re not constrained by a Constitution like I am. But don’t worry, I’m working on getting rid of that Constitution, or changing it so that it’s not such a burden on me. I mean guys like Obama look at the Constitution as a burden, he looks at Al-Qaeda sort of wistfully, gee, these guys aren’t constrained by a Constitution. But I continue to be profoundly offended with this notion that we sacrifice our values when we engage in acts to protect the country. You know, when you get right down to it, this whole notion we’re torturing here and torturing there, we are, the United States of America, throughout our history has been decent country. We are a decent people. And this notion, well, we can’t become our enemies in the process of fighting. We’ve done that many times. Depending on the severity and the risk that we face, we are a decent people and we do not compromise our decency when taking steps to defend and protect our country and the Constitution. The idea that we do profoundly offends me, bothers me greatly.

So we gotta tie two hands behind our back any time we face ruthless, as he describes them, ideologues who are hateful and killers. We’ve got two hands behind the back. One is not enough. And if we don’t put two hands behind our back, we’re somehow betraying our values. What values? I would like for him to enumerate them. I want to know what values he’s talking about that we hold onto while we defend and protect the country. I mean it’s easy to run out there and spew this notion, ‘We gotta hold onto our values.’ What values? Which ones are you talking about, because, frankly, his values are not the same as mine when it comes to this country.

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