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RUSH: A Supreme Court justice can wear $540 tennis shoes like Michelle Obama wore at a feed the poor thing the other day. Yeah, this apparent Lanvin, is that the French — Dawn, you would know. How do you pronounce the French fashion house, L-a-n-v-i-n, Lanvin? Anyway, she wears some tennis shoes that cost, apparently, according to the New York Daily News, $540 a pair, while she’s out there feeding the poor. They asked her office about it, ‘Come on,’ they said, they snorted, ‘It’s just shoes.’ Just shoes. You could buy a pair of Keds that look about the same for $35 bucks. They don’t quite look the same, but they’re close to looking the same. Thirty-five dollars, champion canvas blue multi-Keds. They’re purple and they’re light blue and they’re yellow. You could pick your colors, and $35 bucks a pair, as opposed to $540. But remember, now, she’s beloved and it’s just shoes. It’s just shoes, they say.

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