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RUSH: This is kind of a waste of time because we’re going to be giving airtime to a stupid person, and I’m growing more and more unable to suffer fools politely. Well, we haven’t played Biden a lot lately, frankly. We’ve played Biden, but Biden is funny when he’s stupid and ignorant. But stuff… There are a lot of fools out there today, particularly in politics. But people say these are funny, so here we go. It’s C-SPAN’s Washington Journal yesterday morning. Steve Scully spoke with Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Steve Scully said, ‘We had a caller mention Rush Limbaugh and others. What do you think of Limbaugh?’

SCHULTZ: Rush Limbaugh in particular — is is… There’s so much hate there, and it — and it fuels people who want to be angry, who just want to hate. And certainly right now, in our country there’s so little product — productive, umm, outcome from that. We could talk about this as human beings. When I’m angry, what I’m all worked up, I am not my best self. Heh! I… My vision is affected in terms of how I see things; my opinions are distorted by my rage. Um, I — I — I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to try to just fuel rage in people.

RUSH: Now, what she’s reacting to here, as we’ll learn in the next sound bite, is she thinks that it was hate-filled rage that made me say I wanted Obama to fail. That’s Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and it’s paramount-ly obvious, manifestly obvious that she’s never listened to this program. There’s no hate on this program. There’s no rage on this program. But it’s typical. She’s a journalist. She’s supposedly among the best and brightest, some of the most informed people, one of the most informed people out there. She’s blithering-ly ignorant when it comes to this program. ‘It’s just so much hate. So much hate!’ So Scully said, ‘Well, do you think Rush…?’ Because Scully knows me. I mean, I’ve run into Scully a lot of places and one thing I know: Scully would never say I’m a hateful person. ‘You think Rush Limbaugh’s a hateful person?’

SCHULTZ: If you’re going to encourage people to be hateful, you are hateful. I’ve had a little experience with Rush Limbaugh fans recently because I wrote a column about — um, he had claimed he wanted to know how — huh, huh — why women don’t like him. You know, a lot of women in this country care about the outcome of this country, and they don’t like it when he says he wants Barack Obama to fail. To me, that’s unconscionable right now! When you talk about the consequences of if the president fails and what he’s trying to do to save this country. Think of the consequences. Really? Really! Do you want that? So yes. I would say that’s hateful.

RUSH: So really, it’s… (sigh) She’s just so ignorant, it is almost not worthy of comment. But I will comment. (sigh) In the first place, she didn’t get that the women’s summit was a joke (it was satire) because liberals can’t laugh these days. There’s nothing funny to them, particularly if you challenge political correctness. Obama failing, Ms. Schultz… I do not want President Obama being the CEO of Chrysler or the UAW being the CEO of Chrysler. I do not want Wall Street ‘cut down so-to-size.’ Obama succeeding, to me, precisely means America failing as we’ve known it. I do not want America to fail. I love America. I want America to survive, which is why I want Obama to fail because Obama has promised to go ‘remake America.’

Well, he doesn’t have that constitutional authority. There’s nothing in the Constitution giving the executive branch the right to remake America; to rewrite, to redo the Constitution. Suffering fools, it’s just getting harder and harder and harder as I grow — especially in fields of endeavor where you think there’s going to be at least an average IQ. Maybe she doesn’t have an IQ of three figures. Maybe she can’t crack 100 on an IQ test. But for crying out loud, even with an IQ of 90 — with just some little bit of critical thinking ability — you ought to be able to understand and analyze what ‘I want Obama to fail’ means. Does she not have the ability to ask herself, did she want George Bush to fail in Iraq? Did the Democrats want George Bush to fail?

What about the consequences to America if Bush had failed in Iraq, Connie? Sadly, it’s a waste of time. Her next column will be on how I ‘hatefully’ responded to her and ginned up all kinds of ‘hate mail’ to her as a result of my playing her sound bites. Well, she’s right. TIME Magazine, the top 100 most influential, I’m number one in the arts and entertainers category. H.R. just said, ‘How can you be an entertainer and be hateful?’ I mean, even Don Rickles is loved, even though he’s a great insulter. How can you be hateful and be an entertainer? Let’s see. Yeah. Connie, you know, I’m going to be speaking before a thousand people at the Heritage Foundation tonight. Do you think all of them said, ‘Hey, honey, Limbaugh is in town tonight! Let’s go listen to some hate’? You think that’s why they’re showing up, Connie? Ditz.

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