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RUSH: Here’s Laurie in White Plains in New York. Hi, Laurie. Glad you waited and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from myself, and I know my Uncle Bob is sending them out to you as well.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: First of all, I know you have your nicknames for our president, and I like to call him MacBama and Lady MacBama along with the three weird sisters: Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. But my point is, I think to move the conservative party forward, we need to be problem solvers rather than ideologues, without compromising our ideals. For example: the stem cell research controversy. We’ve got one side saying nothing at all, and the other side saying, ‘Dead embryos,’ or ‘thrown out embryos.’ But cord blood, harvested cord blood is so rich in stem cells that… I haven’t heard anyone put that on the table as an option. I mean I had two kids, I just had one again back in September, and, you know, that cord blood went nowhere. And people spend, you know, thousands of dollars, to have it harvested for future use and whatever. So why couldn’t somebody have given me a piece of paper and I could have signed away my cord blood so that it could have been used for scientific research?

RUSH: Where was…? You’re asking, ‘Why didn’t somebody at the hospital do this?’

CALLER: Well, I’m just saying: Why hasn’t that been on the table?

RUSH: Well… (sigh)

CALLER: It’s as if embryos or nothing. Just like it’s either you’re either pro-abortion or you’re pro-life and there’s nothing about it.

RUSH: Wait, wait. Don’t throw abortion in there. Don’t, don’t —

CALLER: No, no, no. That’s a different — that’s a totally different topic.

RUSH: Well, no but see, it’s really not. See, it’s really not. You’re upset with absolutes because a lot of people don’t like clear-cut right and wrong. It makes ’em uncomfortable. But I guaran-damn-tee you life is filled with absolutes, very clear right and wrong. Now, you start talking about cord blood. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be offended, but I am, ’cause we talk about cord blood, adult stem cells, alternative to embryonic stem cells on this program all the time. The reason why you weren’t presented it is because there are people who do believe in absolutes, who only want embryonic stem cells used, even though there is no record of any success! They want embryonic used because it’s a political issue. So we have to fight absolutes, and you don’t fight absolutes with lukewarm water.

You don’t fight efforts to destroy the American culture and the American political system and the Constitution with lukewarm water. Now, granted, absolutes may offend people. They may make ’em feel uncomfortable and so forth. Well, damn it, it’s about time left-wing absolutes made ’em feel uncomfortable! It’s about time destroying the US economy and nationalizing it made ’em feel uncomfortable instead of comfortable. Now, as to why hospitals didn’t tell you about cord blood and so forth? Guess who’s running the health care system for the most part? The US government! And Barack Obama and the US government are big believers in embryonic stem cells, primarily because they get mucho bucks — bucco bucks and contributions — from people who believe in it. The embryonic stem cell argument has as its unspoken purpose to further the issue of abortion.

You have to abort kids to get embryos! There are successful stem cell applications from, like you say, cord blood — and adult stem cells. Do you know what a bone marrow transplant is? A bone marrow transplant is adult stem cells. Bone marrow transplants are working miracles in prolonging the life people who come down with various forms of the blood cancers. Not embryonic. Adult stem cells, via bone marrow transplants. So absolutes exist for a reason. How do you negotiate between victory and defeat? Where do you go? Where’s the middle ground with victory and defeat? Where’s the middle ground with good and evil? Where’s the middle ground with right and wrong? Where is it? Right and wrong are pretty absolute and they’re pretty well defined. Ideology is education. Ideology is rooted in solving problems.

Ideology — well, conservative ideology — is rooted in freedom and prosperity for the maximum number of people possible. And therefore conservatism as an ideology is about solving problems. It is about fighting people who want to do just the opposite: take away your freedom. What you were basically were encountering was a lack of freedom, because a bunch of absolutists don’t want you being informed about cord blood or adult stem cells. You were dealing with absolutists when they insisted on embryonic stem cells. You think the absolutists can be persuaded. You think the absolutists on the left could be persuaded if we just weren’t so absolute. This is like saying, ‘Well, Rush, if we just closed down Guantanamo Bay, the terrorists won’t attack us anymore.’ Wrong, if we closed Guantanamo Bay and start beating ourselves up over what we do to catch people that killed 3,000 of us they’re going to laugh at us and kill 3,000 more of us thinking it’s going to be easier.

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