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RUSH: Now, I got some sound bites here with Chris Matthews and Mike Pence last night. I want to play these for you because it’s very instructive about what the liberal media is attempting to do to Republicans: portray Republicans as anti-science; portray Republicans as not believing in evolution, only believe in creationism; blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I play this Matthews stuff for you because I don’t think it’s just Matthews. Normally I won’t give a hoot, but I think this is a template that the left has come up with and that they’re going to be hitting a whole lot of Republicans with over the course of the near future. So here’s the first of three sound bites we have on this. This is an exchange, again, Chris Matthews with Mike Pence of Indiana on science.

MATTHEWS: (shouting) Republicans aren’t known for being green! Your party’s come up with this alternative but nobody really believes you got any passion on this subject! If there’s any passion on the subject it’s Limbaugh! How can your party be credible on dealing with CO2 emissions, with greenhouse gases, when the loudest voices in your party don’t believe in it?

PENCE: Well, I —

MATTHEWS: (screaming) They just don’t believe in it!

PENCE: Well, let me tell you. I think the science is very mixed on the subject —

MATTHEWS (interrupting): Okay, well, how can you get excited…?

PENCE: — of global warming, Chris. I —

MATTHEWS: (interrupting) — then — then — th-th-then —

PENCE: Well —

MATTHEWS: Why should your party believe you’re going to get serious —

PENCE: Yeah, absolutely, I —

MATTHEWS: — about if you say the science is mixed?

PENCE: Yeah, that’s fair question, but look, I’m all for clean air. I’m all for clean coal technology. You just wait and see. We’re going to go all across the country with these energy summits and —

MATTHEWS: Harrumph!

PENCE: — hear from the American people, and we’re going to educate the American people on a twenty-first century Republican —


PENCE: — agenda for the environment.

RUSH: So you see what’s being set up here? Republicans are anti-science because — and there’s this word ‘belief.’ We don’t believe that CO2 emissions are destroying the planet. Therefore, we’re anti-science. And presumptive in this question is that there’s no question at all about the science. The science is settled! That everybody knows that carbon dioxide emissions destroy the planet, and that’s a false premise. It isn’t true. So the effort here is to portray Republicans as Neanderthal on this basis. Here’s the question if I had been on with Matthews last night. I would have ask him the following question: ‘Why is it, Chris, that you and all of the other environmentalists in the West who subscribe to the theories you subscribe to, always end up hurting poor people?’

And he would start sputtering and spewing and spitting.

I’d say, ‘Is it just a coincidence that your environmentalist policies hurt poor people?’

‘What do you mean? What do you mean?’

‘Well, go to Africa! Go to Africa where the environmental movement is denying technological improvement in terms of agriculture, air-conditioning, refrigeration. You want them to remain Third World countries under this silly belief that their primitive lifestyles will save the planet. All they’re doing is staying poor. They’re not advancing; they’re starving to death! They’re dependent on the rest of the world for whatever it is they get, but you’re happy that they’re starving and dependent because somehow they’re ‘saving the planet’ because they have no CO2 emissions. Let’s go to China. We have just learned that these new curlicue lightbulbs, these compact fluorescents…

‘There’s a story: ‘Green Lightbulbs Poison Workers’ The mercury in these lightbulbs is poisoning poor people in China who have to manufacture them. Why is it, Chris, that you say the science is totally settled here — and the science is that the CO2 emissions are destroying the planet — and yet when I look around, everybody that is benefiting so-called from your belief is poor and they’re getting creamed! Why do you western environmentalists always end up hurting poor people, wherever it is?’

And I could then produce a list of scientists who don’t buy into this at all. ‘Chris, you exhale CO2! By your standard, you are helping to destroy the planet. Here’s the next bite from science into evolution.’

PENCE: Do I believe in evolution? I embrace the view that God created the heavens and the earth, the seas and all that’s in them, and —

MATTHEWS: (interrupting) Right, but you believe in evolution from the beginning.

PENCE: The means, Chris, that He used to do that, I can’t say, but I do believe —

MATTHEWS: (interrupting) You can’t what?

PENCE: — in that fundamental truth.

MATTHEWS: Well — well did you take biology? (screaming) Did you take biology in school? Did you take science, which is all based on evolutionary belief and assumption?

PENCE: Well, I’ve always wanted to —

MATTHEWS: (screaming) If your party is to be credible on science, you’ve gotta accept science. Do you?

PENCE: Yeah, I want to —

MATTHEWS: Accept science?

PENCE: I always wanted to play in Inherit the Wind, but on the global warming issue —

MATTHEWS: (mocking laughter)

PENCE: — I know that in the mainstream media…

MATTHEWS: See how you’re hedging?

PENCE: In the mainstream media —

MATTHEWS: (screaming) This is why people don’t trust Republicans!

PENCE: In mainstream media, Chris —

MATTHEWS: (snorting)

PENCE: — there is a denial of the growing skepticism in the scientific community about global warming.

RUSH: See how this is working? I’m playing these sound bites because it isn’t just Matthews. I want you to get ready for more of this to come down the pike. See? Republicans don’t believe in science. You don’t accept science! You Republicans are Neanderthals. So the premise is out there. Whether you’re talking about global warming, evolution, regardless, the premise is out there: Republicans are Neanderthals and don’t accept it. All Republicans do, have blind faith in God. Now, had I been on the program, this is an easy answer. Matthews’ question: ‘You want to educate the American people about science and its relevance. Do you believe in evolution?’

‘Yeah. I believe in evolution.’

‘Oh, you do? We got a Republican believes in evolution!’

‘Yeah, wait, Chris! Wait, though! It can’t explain creation. I mean, we’ve got both. Where did it come from, Chris? Don’t give me the Big Bang. Don’t give me evolution for the Big Bang. Where did this all come from, what was it before it was what it is? Certainly things evolve. There’s no question. There’s no denying it. But evolution does not explain creation.’

(sputtering) ‘Buh, buh, buh, buh, but you’re against science!’

‘No, I’m not against science. I’m against lies. I’m against phony science. I’m against propaganda. I wish people like you would get smarter. You’re a journalist; you’re supposed to be curious. You’re not curious about anything. You blindly believe whatever people on your side put out. I’m curious, Chris. I’m wise enough to know that there are answers to questions I will never get while on this earth. I am wise enough to know that as a human being, there are a lot of questions I can ask to which the answers will not be made available to me while I’m alive. I have the humility to understand that all this is much larger than I am. I am not in control of all of it, Chris. I can’t master it and neither can Stephen Hawking and neither can you. And, by the way Chris, why are you trying to politicize this? And, by the way, Chris, you’re Catholic. What’s wrong with believing in God? Why don’t you tell me, Chris: Is the pope a dummkopf? Is the pope anti-science? Is the pope somebody who ought to be thrown overboard?’

I don’t know why our guys go on the shows. They don’t have any audience anyway. Here’s the final sound bite in this roster. Matthews says, ‘Look, I’ve asked, do you believe in evolution. Let me go back to the question. You don’t take a fundamental view of the seven days of creation, do you? I mean, there were polls that show a huge percentage of the American people don’t believe in evolution. A lot of people don’t believe in climate change. I’m just questioning your passion of your party for climate change.’

PENCE: Look, you know, I’ve supported extensive increases in funding to the National Institute of Health.


PENCE: That happened under Republican administrations and Republican Congresses. This anti-science thing is a little bit weak.

MATTHEWS: (snide) The trouble is that your Mount Rushmore now includes Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and these characters that don’t share either your intellect or your honesty, and thank you for showing your honesty today.

RUSH: Well, now what is it that Beck and Palin and I do not believe? (interruption) We’re being dishonest? Okay. Now, what are Beck and Palin and I being dishonest about, H.R.? Because I’ve lost…? What are we being dishonest about? It’s gotta be global warming, it’s gotta be: Okay, we’re ‘deniers.’ See, gets back to whatever. Matthews simply BELIEVES. He cannot intellectually prove his case, he cannot intellectually explain it. Do you remember…? I’ll give you a great example. Juan Williams at Fox, who’s a bright guy, heard Vaclav Havel from the Czech Republic when he was in the United States totally nuke the ‘science’ of global warming. And Juan Williams said, ‘I’d never heard that. I’d never heard an alternative to…’ These guys, they just believe it. Algore says it! The scientists at the green clubs, Sierra Club say it, and they believe it, just believe. There’s no curiosity; there’s no doubting. Some of them don’t even see the left-wing agenda aspect of it. They really think they’re good people here. Somehow people that deny global warming… I don’t ‘deny’ global warming, by the way, Chris. I just deny manmade global warming. Because, even if it’s warming up, we can’t cool it off — and if we’re heading into an ice age, we can’t warm it up. We don’t have the power. What Chris Matthews refers to as ‘stupidity’ is a characteristic I think he ought to try to retain and get back — and that’s a little humility in the face of things much larger or complex than he can ever explain or understand.


RUSH: I got a note from a friend of mine, and it’s well worth mentioning here, talking about settled science, something to throw back at Chris Matthews. Hey, Chris, the American Psychiatric Association once classified homosexuality as a neurosis. Was that settled science? Did you believe them, Chris, when scientists came out, the American Psychiatric Association, a bunch of scientists, classified homosexuality as a neurosis? Was that settled science for you, Chris?

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