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RUSH: To the phones, to Houston, this is A.J., great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing? Mega dittos to you, big timer.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, Rush, I’m trying to figure out this so-called president. The black kids in Washington, what are these kids going to do about these school vouchers now? His kids ain’t going through this. Why is he sending these kids through these changes, Rush, and taking this money away from these kids in Washington? Now them kids going to have to go back to a public school. A lady was on Fox this morning, man, she was livid. The kid was about to graduate and the kid got (unintelligible) She’s gotta work two or three jobs now just to go and pay to get this done. But even with that she’s working to pay it anyway, but why are they taking money?

RUSH: A.J., let me jump in here, because there’s something that you don’t know. This was just posted 35 minutes ago —

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: — at the Washington Post. Obama has reversed himself on this.

CALLER: Oh-huh.

RUSH: As of 35 minutes ago. I want to share the details with you. Your premise is exactly right. Obama proposes extending the DC voucher program. ‘President Obama will seek to extend the controversial –‘ there’s nothing controversial about it. It works! ‘– the controversial D.C. school voucher program until all 1,716 participants have graduated from high school, although no new students will be accepted.’ So he’s still going to kill the program, A.J., but he’s going to let it continue until everybody in it graduates. ‘Education Secretary Arne Duncan had told reporters that it didn’t make sense ‘to take kids out of a school where they’re happy and safe and satisfied and learning,” but Obama did it anyway. Now, this is a flip-flop, a temporary flip-flop. But let me tell you what this program is. This is basically a voucher program where the children of inner city parents can escape to good, qualified schools, and they are doing it, and they are getting great grades. They’re doing great and the kids love the schools they’re able to go to.

Well, of course, no liberal is going to put up with this. That’s why Obama canceled it. The results don’t matter. Well, in this case, they actually do, because this is embarrassing the public school system. Can I give you a theory? People say, ‘Why do they want to keep these inner city schools open? Why do they want to keep inner cities in the blight circumstances that they’re in?’ Well, guess what happens to communities like that? People who can move out do. And what are you left with? A solid Democrat voter base. It’s all about votes. It’s not about educating kids. It’s all about turning as many cities into Detroit as they can. That’s what it’s about. There is no common sense reason in the world to close down a school where inner city minority kids are excelling, no reason, unless it poses a threat to you. ‘Well, Rush, how would that pose a threat?’ Well, educated people pose a threat to liberalism anyway. But the key here is that in these inner city areas of cities, what do you think the voting percentages are, Democrat versus Republican? How many Republicans or conservatives do you think are going to sit around and live there?

They move out. It’s happened in Detroit, it’s happening in Michigan, it’s happening in New York, it happened in New Orleans. They move out. It’s not a race thing. It’s an economics thing. People just move out. They go to places where there’s a better quality of life. And when that happens, what you’re left with is a solid Democrat voting city, community, state, what have you. So all hell was raised over canceling the DC voucher program ’cause it worked. So Obama’s done a flip-flop and he’s gonna let every kid in it, going to keep the program open ’til every kid graduates. Then he’s going to shut it down, to which I have a question. Either vouchers work or they don’t. Either they work or they don’t. Obama doesn’t believe in them. He wants to shut the voucher program down. He’s said so. He doesn’t believe in the voucher program. So why would he continue this program if it’s a bad thing? He believes it’s a bad thing. He says he believes it’s a bad thing. If it’s a bad thing, if it doesn’t serve a purpose, in his view, he ought to cancel it, he should stick with the cancellation because he doesn’t think this is a good program. Period. He’s not concerned with the disruption to the kids here. I’ll tell you what this is about. (interruption) What do you think it’s about? Partially, public relations propaganda. But let’s be specific because everything with Obama is a PR, propaganda.

What Barack Obama is worried about is that the black population will discover he really doesn’t care about them. And that was starting to happen. You have parents of black kids who love this school, who love the whole concept in Washington, and their kids are excelling. A.J., from Houston, why is he doing this? He calls here. Why is he shutting the school? Doesn’t make sense. The parents love it, people have heard about it, think it’s great. And he is going to shut it down. Now it’s going to let it stay open ’til everybody in it graduates. Then the parents will go away because after their kids have graduated, the parents go away, there are no new enrollees so no new parents to get mad, so the current parents that are mad and don’t understand why we’d shut it down are happy, their kids go to school ’til they graduate, then you shut it down and there’s nobody unhappy. What Obama has to do here is to make sure that the black population does not figure out that he really doesn’t care about them, that they’re just pawns.

You have to ask yourself this question. How in the world have we gotten to the point where a program that does not only a great job of educating children, but a better job of educating children, how have we gotten to the point where a program that does a better job of educating black children with less money than public schools is considered controversial? How in the hell have we gotten there? And how in the hell have we gotten to the point where a school that educates poor black kids better and cheaper, that that poses a threat to somebody and the school has to be shut down? How in the world have we gotten to this point? These kids going to these voucher schools have a great chance, at least a greater chance to succeed. Doctors, lawyers, hedge funds. And Michelle Obama is telling them, don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t become doctors, don’t become lawyers, don’t become hedge funds, stay in your community and be a nurse, a community organizer, or what have you. And so you might say the worst thing the Obamas can have is an educated underclass because they don’t want them escaping the underclass, regardless their race.

Somebody else is going to have to explain it to me if that’s not right because I don’t know how we’ve gotten to the point where I thought the whole point here was inferior urban schools and that was unfair, it was racist, it was bigoted, so here’s a plan to elevate them, the kids love it, their parents love it, they’re learning more, better grades, and a black president shuts it down. Somebody tell me why, if it isn’t that he’s worried about the political ramifications of this group of people becoming educated. ‘Cause I’m going to tell you, folks, intellectually and emotionally, too, I do not understand how a school, a program based on vouchers, that educates blacks better than they are in the public schools, does it cheaper, is, A, called controversial, and B, needs to be shut down. It makes no sense, especially if you listen to the complaints of the leftist community over the horrible circumstances facing inner city kids in education. Here’s a solution.

You see, the left doesn’t want solutions. The race industry does not want solutions. Solutions means loss of jobs. Solution means happiness, solution means success, prosperity — they don’t want that. They want chaos and insecurity and dependency. This is just sick. He must have been catching all kinds of hell from somewhere, ’cause now he’s going to extend the school until everybody in it graduates. That way no angry parents, no angry anybody else, but no new enrollees so no new angry parents.

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