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RUSH: Bank of America needs $34 billion. Wells Fargo needs $15 billion. They didn’t even want TARP money. All of these banks — and these are not stress tests. You have to look at these stress tests as possess tests. They’re leaking all this information about the banks, and guess what? The banks are all still in the crapper. And so guess what? We need more federal involvement in the banks; Obama gets to control the banks for a little while longer. You wonder when people are going to wake up and realize what’s going on, and then you see the following stories and you say they’re not going to wake up. I just saw this, an AP story. Get this. ‘A group that studies sports in society is urging the Obama administration to step up the federal government’s role in athletics, possibly with a Cabinet-level post,’ on sports. I’m not kidding, a sports czar! Now, we know that Obama’s out there pushing for a different system in the college football playoffs. We know he runs around doing his own brackets in the NCAA basketball tournament.

This group is called Sport in Society. They’re based at Northeastern University in Boston. They say that the ‘enhanced government role could serve several important goals. It says the US could encourage more youth participation, increase access for women and the handicapped, and promote healthier lifestyles.’ Well, now, you have to think that the Obama people are going to love this. A sports cabinet post has actually been proposed by university people. We shouldn’t be surprised, because, you know, once government starts taking over things, people who want that to happen are all excited about it.

Get this. The haughty John Kerry, who, by the way, once served in Vietnam, says that the United States has changed policy regarding Iran. ”We are not in ‘regime change’ mode,’ Democrat John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told a hearing exploring the prospects for US President Barack Obama’s new policy of engaging the Islamic republic.’ So John Kerry says the US no longer seeks regime change in Iran, and as a result of this — what would you call this? Well, I don’t know if it’s a dangling carrot. In exchange for this, Kerry says that Tehran should respond accordingly by stopping its nuclear program. I kid you not. ‘Our efforts,’ he said, speaking of the US changing its policy on regime change, ‘must be reciprocated by the other side: Just as we abandon calls for regime change in Tehran and recognize a legitimate Iranian role in the region, Iran’s leaders must moderate their behavior and that of their proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas.’

Did you talk to Obama about this, Senator Kerry? He’s funding Hamas. He is pushing for a two-state solution in Israel. He is putting the pressure on Israel. He is blaming Israel for the problems in the Middle East. And, meanwhile, Pakistan and Afghanistan are blowing up in front of our eyes. And, by the way, Iraq is not all that stable right now, either. I mean there’s a lot of trouble, and here we have John Kerry suggesting to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ‘Hey, look, pal, we’ll let you stay in power. In exchange for us being nice, you stop your nuclear program.’ If I were Ahmadinejad, I’d say, ‘Okay.’ I’d say, ‘That’s a deal we can accept, Senator Kerry. We will stop our nuclear program.’ Of course they won’t stop it. They’ll just say they will. The blind are being led by the ignorant.

Also, President Obama has announced that he’s canceling the public day of prayer, the National Day of Prayer that is tomorrow at the White House. He said he’s not going to do this, there’s no pomp and circumstance anymore and there’s no big deal about it, he’s just changing the policy that was in place for eight years in the Bush administration, but there will be no public recognition of the National Day of Prayer in the White House. He prays privately. Now, why do this? Why go out of his way to do this? Why make these kinds of waves unnecessarily? He’s doing it on purpose! He’s trying to irritate some people. He’s asserting his authoritarian control. They say he prays privately. I have no doubt about it. Does he pray to himself? Who does he pray to?

Now, I have one answer for why he might cancel the National Day of Prayer, because a public prayer day, a public prayer event plays no role in getting him what he wants. Obama is only going to spend time on events and things that will get him what he wants. I’ll tell you this, if you stand back and just take a look at some of the things that are happening in this country, the bill carving out protection for perverts, the bill that was argued by Alcee Hastings, the bill carving out protection for perverts and denying it to old ladies and veterans; the endless assault on Miss California, Carrie Prejean because she voiced her opinion against validating gay marriage; the executive order granting money to Hamas-connected Palestinians to move to the United States. He has given way all of our interrogation secrets to terrorists and is going to release pictures of supposed abuse by interrogators while not releasing pictures of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty. The threats and the bullying to hedge funds, the clients of the lawyer Thomas Lauria. ACORN now been charged in Nevada with faking — I don’t know what percentage of vote regulations, but it’s a tremendous number. And they are going to be in charge of the US census?

I could go on and on and on.

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