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“Practically everything you eat has some sugar in it. What business is it of these nannies if somebody wants to eat a donut or drink a Gatorade?”

“Health care experts in this country have been trying to find ways for years to reduce costs, but Obama has a couple days worth of meetings and figures out a way to do it. Isn’t it amazing what Obama can do, in just a couple days? And then rest on the seventh one?”

“Oprah Winfrey did the commencement address at Duke, and she said it’s great to have a private jet, and anyone who tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you. She called Obama a liar!”

“The left is out to destroy Dick Cheney. They are fascists, statists — whatever you want to call them. They’re not interested in debate. They are interested in ultimate power and silencing people who disagree with them, and the reason for that, folks, is fear.”

“So according to the Drive-By Media, what we are supposed to do as Republicans is let somebody who endorsed, campaigned for, and voted for Obama — Colin Powell — tell us how to build our party. I’m sorry, but this does not compute with me.”

“Some people are asking themselves now, ‘Have we reached the point where a majority of voting Americans can actually be fooled by a demagogue, by an empty suit who simply talks in platitudes?’ It appears so.”

“The moment we get an economic up-tick — the first moment the GDP goes up even one-tenth of 1% — the parades in the Drive-By Media are going to start: ‘Obama’s stimulus is working!’ I mean, you’re going to be even more depressed than you are now.”

“So Obama is going to go ahead and release more interrogation photos to prove what a rotten, mean bunch of SOBsmake upthe US military and CIA. I guarantee you: there is nothing good that can come from this — and that’s precisely why he’s going to do it.”

“This question really should be poised to Colin Powell: ‘What were you thinking in endorsing Barack Obama? Did you ever think you’d live to see the day where the president of the United States would tell an auto company how much it can spend on advertising?'”

“Go pop popcorn in Crisco or Mazola oil — I’m sorry, it’s just not as good. But you pop it in coconut oil, and now you’re talking.”

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