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Rush’s Morning Update: New Bag!
May 15, 2009

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Well, in the immortal words of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown: “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.” Papa, in this case, is none other than Obama.

According to press reports, there’s a plan in the works for some terrorists now at Club Gitmo. They would be moved to a yet-undisclosed location on US soiland held without trial –indefinitely. This news will infuriate Obama’s moonbat base,especially coming on the heels of his reversing himself on the so-called abuse photos,deciding not to release photos showing supposed mistreatment of war prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The new terrorist-holding proposal is being floated with key members of Congress. (So if this goes through, Nancy Pelosi will later claim she was never briefed about it.) Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty– who met with White House Counsel Greg Craig this week because he “wants to work with” The Bamster– confirmed that these indefinite detentions are being studied,as is the idea of creating a special national security court. But Gramnesty warns it’s going to be difficult to hold terrorists here, without trials, indefinitely.

Yes, the Executive Order to close Club Gitmo was signed on January 22. But the photo-op is over,and it’s apparent The Bamster never had a plan to deal with these terrorists. Our European allies don’t want them,and Democrats won’t admit their baseless attacks on George Bush’s handling of Gitmo were detrimental to our national security.

So now they’re left holding the bag; Papa’s got a brand new bag. The childrenare running the show, and we are in great peril, as a result.

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