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Rush’s Morning Update: Quest!
May 18, 2009

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Last week, Karl Rove was interviewed by the federal prosecutor in the criminal investigation of US Attorneys fired during George Bush’s second term.This is nothing more than a political witch-hunt at the behest of Democrats attempting to criminalize as much of the Bush presidency as they can. Bill Clinton fired every US Attorney when he was in office– as was his right,and it’s the right of Obama, too.Obama’s already recreated the Justice Department in his imagewith no complaints from any quarter.

But there is a larger pattern at work. For decades, American conservatives have been assaultedsimply for being conservative. Every single conservative judicial nominee elevated to the Supreme Court has paid the priceto one degree or another. Their judicial records have been distorted– or, in the case of Justice Thomas and Judge Bork, willfully smeared by an organized political assassination squad.

Republican Congressional leaders have been driven out of office,targeted by Democrats and their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media for trumped-up charges of racism, jokes taken out of context, book deals, and personal behavior that’s ignored when Democrats engage in them. Even White House lawyers who served President Bush are now being threatened with criminal prosecutionfor giving legal advice.

Liberal Democrats’ quest is to annihilate all political oppositionin the private or political sector. There is no “making friends”or playing nice or getting along with these people. Any conservative who thinks otherwise…is a total,politicalfool.

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