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Rush’s Morning Update: Embarrassment!
May 19, 2009

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While all eyes were on Notre Dame last weekend, the most sincere commencement speech at a Catholic university was delivered at Trinity Washington University, in DC– Nancy Pelosi’s alma mater.

Trinity President Patricia McGuire used her address to trash those who dared protest Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame.Hurling insult after insult, McGuire characterized the protesters as people with “narrow faith” engaging in “religious vigilantism.” She accused protesters of misappropriating “sacred teachings for political ends.”

“The real scandal,” said McGuire, “is the spectacle of ostensibly Catholic mobs camping out at Notre Dame for the specific purpose of disrupting the commencement address of the nation’s first African-American president.” She said the “face of Catholicism” that should be shown to Obama”should be one marked with the sign of peace, not distorted in the snarl of hate.”

McGuire accused the protesters of defending the rights of the unborn but offering “no charity toward the living.” She called the protest an “ugly spectacle” that is “an embarrassment to all Catholics.” (I guess we finally discovered what causes embarrassment to a liberal: defending the unborn.)

To Ms. McGuire, protesting the politician that liberals worship as a deityis the worst kind of blasphemy. Apparently, everybodyshould throw his or her religious convictions overboard to genuflect before Lord Obama– and pray for his blessings and his grace.

Ms. McGuire: In your search for a face “distorted in the snarl of hate”,I suggest that youlook in the mirror.

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