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RUSH: Now, yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I shared with you a story on how ethanol, finally the jig’s up here on ethanol. Everybody knows that it’s ruining automobile engines. It’s costing more to make than it produces…(interruption) What? What are you shaking your head about? (interruption) Well, I really didn’t. I didn’t get a whole lot of pro-ethanol e-mails last night. I was kind of surprised but I did not get a lot of grief. It’s not cleaner. None of it is true. The whole hoax has finally come through. Now, listen to this sound bite, though. This is last night on CNBC. This is funny. It’s a show called CNBC Reports. And the host of this show, Dennis Kneale, spoke with Alexandra Leo of Huffington Post. (It’s amazing where you can go to get qualified experts these days, isn’t it?) Spoke to the Huffington Post’s Alexandra Leo about an ethanol company filing for bankruptcy and the host here, Dennis Kneale, says, ‘Now, today the units of Pacific Ethanol filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, triumph of science over politics? Alexandra, why don’t you kick us off here?’

LEO: Ethanol is the Rush Limbaugh of energy products. It makes a ton of headlines but it’s completely useless for everyone. I mean, frankly this thing is so inefficient it costs more energy to make it than it produces in the long run. The market’s fixed this problem and it’s gone out of business and it’s taken huge, huge hits and that’s exactly what should’ve happened.

RUSH: (laughing) Do you people realize how much I am hated or envied, resented, despised? (laughing) I mean, they use me to make my own point. I was the forerunner making this point! I have been out there for months and I have been taking grief from audience members in Iowa over trying to get the truth out about ethanol. And finally, the left has to admit it. They use me and the point I’ve made to make their point while claiming I’m useless! I just think it’s funny. Something about me renders these people insane and irrational. I wish I knew what it was. Actually, I don’t wish I knew what it was because then I would try to do what I’m obviously doing naturally, and I want it to continue.

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