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RUSH: Here’s Phyllis in Westchester, New York. Nice to have you Phyllis. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m so happy to speak to you. I’ve been trying to get through for a year and I really want to first apologize to you.

RUSH: Really? Why?

CALLER: Yes, because I’m a born-again conservative. I became a conservative on 9/12 — well, actually the afternoon of 9/11. Before that I was a Kool-Aid drinking liberal. I grew up, my childhood, in New York City and it was, you know, in your mother’s milk there. And —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — I was a teacher, a social studies teacher, history teacher, and I just kind of bought everything that was said about you until I started listening to you. I love you, Rush. You’re a patriot.

RUSH: Well, isn’t that sweet? Thank you, Phyllis.

CALLER: You are a hero. You’re fighting the good fight. Every time I hear you savaged, you know, the whole thing about, oh, he hates — I have never, in the years I’ve been listening to you, heard you say anything remotely hateful. You talk about issues, you talk about facts. You don’t attack people as individuals. And I got great respect for you for that.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. You know what, I’m glad you called and mentioned this because you are a great example or illustration of how the characterization of me in the media you used to frequent is all wrong, and it’s personal, and it’s distorted. And the purpose of it was to keep you from listening. It was to discredit me in your eyes so that you wouldn’t listen. The reason those critics, the people that you responded to for a while don’t want you listening is because they know the program’s effective.

CALLER: Yes, and also, as a historian, I’m scared to death. I grew up during the Cold War with the duck-and-cover under the desks, and that was pretty scary. This is much more scary because I see patterns here. I’m not saying Obama is Hitler. But I see the patterns of fascism. It didn’t take hold in Germany overnight. It was a slow process, took years.

RUSH: You’re not the first to mention that, and people that mention it to me don’t mention it so much in the context of Obama. The people that mention that similarity to me are concerned about the blindness of the American people who are falling for this. We’ve had people like Obama throughout the world history. We always thought Americans were a little bit more astute and observant. That’s what alarms most people, the cult-like ability of the low process of political seduction that this guy succeeds with.

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