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Rush’s Morning Update: Red Flag
May 22, 2009

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My friends,sometimes in life we are provided warnings –big red flags indicating certain danger up ahead.

Utility regulators in North Dakota have been paying attentionas congressional Democrats in Washington push for implementation of a cap and tax energy bill. To combat the fraudulent threat of man-made global warming, carbon dioxide emissions from businesses will be capped, and heavily taxed.

Kevin Cramer, North Dakota’s Public Service Commissioner, says thatinstituting cap and trade would drive up “the cost of everything we produce, that we manufacture, that we grow” — not only in his state,but around the country. Depending on how heavily Democrats tax carbon emissions, he says the cost of electric bills in his state could rise anywhere from 40 to 100 percent.

So whyare Democrats so keen to implement thishuge tax increase? Cramer says the plan would result in the federal government reaping “windfall” revenues. “The problem with cap and trade is, it’s really not…an environmental policy. It’s an appropriations policy. It’s a way to raise money for government,” ND Republican TonyClark says. He adds that some states– like his– will be more adversely affected than others.

Other voices are warning that cap and trade implementation will cause many businesses to flee the country,taking more jobs with them. But that’s not a concern for President Obama –or the environmentalist wackos who are salivating at the chance to implement this madness. Consider this update to beyour big red flag.

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