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“Do you know why the Democrats and the media don’t like me? It’s precisely because I’m the one doing the heavy lifting against them.”

“I doubt that Sotomayor can be stopped, but she should be. She isa horrible pick. She is the antithesis of a judge, by her own admission and in her own words. She has been overturned 80% of the time by the Supreme Court. She may as well be on the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals!”

“Obama always talks about howwe need people with ’empathy’ on the courts, but it’s not even about empathy, folks — that’s just a cover. He wants one of his own on the court to do his dirty work, and Sonia Sotomayor fits the bill.”

“What we’re trying to do here is save the country from a party and an ideology that is systematically remaking America: the Democrat Party and liberalism. And if the moderates in the Republican Party offer no way to address their danger, then they are useless.”

“With every one of these nominees, we’re all told how tough they had it, how they came from the wrong side of the tracks. But they never praise a government program. They never say, ‘AFDC got me here.’ They credit hard work and good old conservative values.”

“I set forth my views day in and day out, as I have done so for 20 years. I explain the origin of my ideas, I citehistory and philosophy, and I set forth my principles. Yet that’s not enough for General Powell, who must shoot spitballs from the studios of liberal media shows.”

“Folks, you people are going to have to face reality. If the Republican Party did not get the Hispanic vote last time, with the architect of amnesty for illegal aliens as our nominee, what makes you think there’s anything more we could do to get the Hispanic vote?”

“Powell was the point man at the United Nations presentation on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, and he no doubt feels profoundly humiliated over that with the people he cares about most: the Washington, DC political elites. I think he’s on a rehab tour to get his reputation back, and it’s working.”

“This is a pipe dream, this Hispanic vote business. George Bush nominated a bunch of Hispanic judges, and the left went out and destroyed ’em. The way to get Hispanic votes is with conservative founding principles and values.”

“The Republican Party, when it wins, does not do identity politics. That’s how Democrats win.”

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