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RUSH: I have a question for you moderates out there. You moderates, we’re told that any criticism… In fact, the American Thinker had a piece yesterday that if you’re out there trying to persuade a liberal, don’t mention my name. You mention my name and the liberal will shut down. Don’t cite my show as where you heard a fact. If it’s true, doesn’t matter, liberals will shut down. So you moderates, you are going to go ape bananas if Republicans are critical, right? Well, here’s Roland Burris. Here’s a black Democrat appointed to the Senate by Rod Blagojevich. And the Democrat Party is trying to screw the guy, a person of color. Here’s the first of two sound bites.

BURRIS: But I didn’t know anything about pay-to-play. I also knew that if I — if I gave any contribution or if I raised any money, then that would be a problem.

REPORTER: Why in one phone call — why one phone call would you discuss a campaign contribution and a Senate seat?

BURRIS: Well, because —

REPORTER: That sounds like pay-to-play.

BURRIS: No, no, no, no. That’s what — read the transcript. What did I say? I cannot contribute any money because of the conflict. I also said in the transcript, it seemed like I’m trying to buy the seat. Did you read the transcripts? That’s the reason why I want you all to read these —

RUSH: Poor Roland Burris, he in the Senate. The Democrats have never wanted Roland Burris to have this seat, and now that we’ve got the big distraction of Sonia Sotomayor, the Democrats are free to go after the guy again. Isn’t it interesting, they have continued to go after this guy, a judge released transcripts of tape, Burris talking about funds going to Blago. Burris never sent a check, never threw a fundraiser, no matter, this black man is being investigated. How come moderates are not mad at the Democrat Party for going after a person of color? How can the Democrats get away with this? He was appointed. He is in the Senate. He took Obama’s seat, black for black. Democrats look at things that way. And they’re trying to destroy Roland Burris. This ought to make moderates mad, right? The Democrats going after a black guy. Here’s the second sound bite.

BURRIS: It was never asked. It was never asked.

REPORTER: You were —

REPORTER: First your affidavit was no, and then your affidavit was yes, there were conversations.

BURRIS: No, no, please check —

REPORTER: No, no, the first —

BURRIS: Please check the affidavit.

REPORTER: You said in the past that you had no conversations with Blagojevich or anybody from the Blagojevich administration.

BURRIS: Please check the affidavit. That’s why I’m asking you. Please check — read affidavit one. Read it. Have you all read it? Have you read it? Have you read it?

REPORTER: We’ve read —

BURRIS: No, no, no, no, have you read it? Have you read it?

REPORTER: I’ve read reports of it.

BURRIS: Thank you. God bless you.

RUSH: I want to know, where’s Colin Powell? Where are the Republican moderates defending this man as Democrats play the race card against Roland Burris? Where are the Colin Powells and the Tom Ridges calling this a race-based witch hunt? Where are our Republican moderates saying this is unseemly behavior for the Democrats to take the occasion of the distraction of the nomination of Sotomayor to finally get rid of a black guy in the Senate they never wanted there in the first place. Where are all moderates reacting angrily to this?

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