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“Obama wants us to sacrifice for our children and our grandchildren. The problem is he has stolen their money. They will be born broke. He’s a generational thief.”

“If, in the middle of a recession, you’re telling everybody that they have to ‘sacrifice’ their future for their kids and grandkids and then you fly in to New York with three airplanes and a helicopter to go to dinner and a play, it’s a slap in the face.”

“Obama said GM ‘is fully committed to this new approach.’ Fully committed under the gun! They had no choice but than to be ‘fully committed’ to this ‘new approach’!”

“Here’s Obama, my friends, as I interpret him: ‘I inherited this, I inherited that, and everything going wrong is somebody else’s fault.'”

“I don’t know too many people who can just drink all day long and be functional. I could name you a couple of peoplewho do that, but I would get sued for revealing trade secrets of famous people.”

“Yes, Snerdley, I’m on a roll today because I’ve about had it. It’s fine and dandy to suffer ignorance and fools for a while, but everybody has a breaking point.”

“So here a private sector company that did not take a dime of bailout money — Ford — is increasing production, while the two that did are bankrupt. Obama cares.”

“No, I’m not going to go on Oprah to talk about my diet! Don’t make me laugh! Go on Oprah? You disturbed my train of thought in here, Dawn!”

“So a man who’s never run a private sector business, who’s never been challenged to show a profit, who sneers at the concept of profit, now lectures us on how well GM can do if it is run well and managed well. Meanwhile, all of you in the automobile business today can suck it up.”

“The ChiComs understand Marxism, so they can’t be fooled by a pretend Marxist like Little Timmy Geithner.”

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