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Rush’s Morning Update: He’s Right!
June 3, 2009

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Newsflash, everybody: Howard Dean finally said something that makes some sense. At a recent press conference he told reporters that, if necessary, Democrats should pass Obama’s health care plans with no Republicans on board.

According to HowardDean, Democrats should have “no intention” of working with Republicans to pass a health care bill that could be passed with a simple Democrat majority. He said Obama-Care is “more important than bipartisanship”;Democrats should do it all by themselves.

I agree! Absolutely! If Democrats are intent on foisting this massive, Big Government, socialized medicine scheme on us,Republicans ought not do one thing to help them.

Howard Dean also admitted that most Americans are pretty happy with their private health care,and said they shouldn’t be forced to sign up for the new government care or have their existing plans taken away. But since he’s a flaming liberal, Dean told NBC News that the best way to pay for the massive new entitlement Democrats wantis,of course,with a carbon tax.

Republicans ought todo everything in their power to prevent Democrats from enacting Barack’s big health care debacle,but failing that, they shouldn’t have their names anywhere near it. For generations to come, let this albatross-in-waiting hang around the Democrats’ necks– along with the utter misery thatit will produce.

As to HowardDean’s prognosis that Democrats should go it alone,there’s an old cliche that applies here, folks: “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”Or,in Dean’s case,a broken cuckoo clock.

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