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RUSH: This poll from USA Today and Gallup on closing Guantanamo Bay is interesting because it’s part of a pattern. If you look at the polls of where the American people stand on approving or disapproving of various Obama policy initiatives, you find something very interesting. On practically every issue, a clear majority of Americans oppose Obama’s policies, and yet his approval numbers remain 63 to 64%, yet they oppose or do not agree with his policy prescriptions for things.

Now, what does this mean for the future? What does it mean? Well, it’s interesting to discuss because we have the state-run media, who refuses to highlight any negatives about Obama. They carry the water for him. So you have these people who disagree with his policies, a lot of his voters disagree and disapprove of his policies but in the same poll his approval remains over 63%. This could mean, and it’s a wild guess, that at some point the bottom will drop out of the guy’s approval ratings. I don’t know when and I’m not sure that will happen. But this is the kind of thing that is interesting because it illustrates a point that I have made over the course of many moons, and that is Obama’s popularity is not related to his policies, not related to his issues, contrary to Reagan’s popularity. Ronald Reagan’s popularity was directly correlated to his policy prescriptions: beating the Soviets, building up the US military, cutting taxes, reviving the US economy, and plus Reagan was a likable guy like Obama is. But there is no correlation between Obama and his policies.

Now, at some point something has to give on this, and that is a light of optimism at the end of the tunnel down there that I think is gonna get brighter and brighter and brighter. Last week we had a call to the program, ‘Mr. Limbaugh, do you really think these Democrats that voted for Obama really wanted all of this?’ And I said that’s the great unknown. The answer to that question’s crucial and we won’t know this until some of these policies have been implemented long enough for their impact to affect people. So in light of that — see, the state-run media knows very well ’cause they’re the ones doing the polls, they know very well that this is quite tenuous. When a majority of Americans oppose Obama or disagree with him on practically every issue, and here at Gitmo, closing Gitmo it’s two to one.

The American people apparently don’t care about the image we have around the world. They don’t want these SOB terrorists in their neighborhoods, even in prison, they don’t want them here, keep the place open. It is a great prison, it’s a great functioning prison. It has worked exactly as it was designed. So that’s just one issue. There are other issues. The American people love Obama, but they don’t like his policies. The state-run media is well aware that this is tenuous, that this has a breaking point. So what is the state-run media going to do to try to ameliorate or obliterate or blur this conundrum? Well, I discussed this on this program back in January on the 9th. This is 11 days before the Bamster was inaugurated. This is what I said.

RUSH ARCHIVE: We’re going to start seeing stories that will not be true, that feature man on the street interviews with people whose lives are starting to get a little bit better, they see the light at the end of the tunnel now, they go on more job interviews and they’re doing a little bit better. The Drive-Bys will start setting the stage to create the impression in the minds of people that we’re coming back, when we are not. Just as they try to set up this mood that we’re going to hell in a handbasket when we’re not, notice how that works. That convinces people, the old saw about, ‘Well, I’m doing fine but I’m hearing on the news my neighbor is about to lose his job, we’re in trouble here.’ So how does it play when you’re out of work but you hear that other people are getting jobs? If you are an Obama voter, you think your time is just around the corner, you gotta be patient ’cause he’s already working, his plan is already working. If you think a demagogic, flowery spoken candidate or president with an accomplice media can’t convince people things are great when they’re bad you got another thing coming. If they can convince people things are horrible when they’re good, the opposite’s also possible. To this day people who are alive and voted for Roosevelt think he’s the greatest president we ever had, and not because of World War II. Because of Social Security, because of Medicare, don’t doubt me.

RUSH: Don’t doubt me. So the state-run media, the state-run Drive-Bys will start doing stories on, ‘Hey, guess what? The economy is coming back.’ This will blunt the reality of a sinking economy made worse by Obama policies on people. And, lo and behold, two examples already. MSNBC Morning Joe yesterday morning, the guest Donnie Deutsch. If you’ve never heard of him it’s ’cause he’s on MSNBC.

DEUTSCH: The American public is getting tired of negative and angry — and to show people of character, you know, people want to see those stories now —


DEUTSCH: And I think you’re going to see, of course, all media now that positivity is the new black in a sense. Reality TV is going to change now and be a lot more inspirational.

RUSH: Do I know these people or do I know these people? I tell you, I know these people like every square inch of my even more glorious now naked body. There’s less of my glorious naked body but it’s even more glorious. Now, there’s another example from our old buddies here at the Associated Press, official state-run media of the Obama administration. ‘Fresh signs emerged Monday that the recession is letting up. Manufacturing’s slide is slowing. Builders are boosting spending on construction projects — including homes. And consumers aren’t cutting back as much as some had feared. A trio of reports gave Wall Street a big lift on the same day that industrial icon General Motors Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection. The federal government is taking a majority ownership stake in the company, which announced new plant closings. Investors and economists focused instead on the encouraging news about the economy. The Dow rose 221.11, or 2.6 percent. Business inventories shrank, suggesting supplies will soon need to be replenished. That would boost factory production.

”The data add to mounting evidence of an abatement in the deep factory-sector recession,’ said Cliff Waldman, an economist at Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI, a manufacturing research group. ‘The worst has clearly passed for US factories,’ he said. ‘Nonetheless, a real recovery might be months away. The global economic picture remains difficult.” So exactly as I predicted on January 9th, it is now starting, ‘Hey, we may have turned the corner.’ Obama himself last week, ‘We’re back from the brink.’ Then yesterday announcing 14 GM factories shut down, three parts suppliers closed, 2200 GM dealerships are going to close. Unemployment numbers are still heading up. The first quarter GDP, 5.1% negative growth, and yet here we have the stories coming, ‘We gotta go optimistic now, the economy is coming back.’ So Wall Street goes up a couple hundred points, and all of a sudden it’s due to Obama and it’s related to what happens on Main Street. When the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets under Obama, that doesn’t mean the economy is bad, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Wall Street, has nothing to do with Main Street when talking about economic trends blah, blah.

So I’m warning you, be on the lookout for positive news, and again, in the midst of all of this economic shrinkage and realignment into a socialist, fascist type economy, if they can convince you during times of plenty that we are in a recession or just around the corner from one, then believe me, they think they can convince people who are unemployed and can’t find a job that things are booming and that hope and change are right around the corner from the unemployment office. That takes us back to the polls. A vast majority of Americans on issues disagree with Obama’s approach but they love him personally. There’s a tipping point in there somewhere where the bottom falls out. The state-run media knows it and so it’s time now to get the people’s minds right. The economy’s coming back, everything is great.


RUSH: I have more state-run news. The state-run media is reporting great state news on the economy, again to buttress my prediction of January 9th. ‘The number of US home buyers who agreed to purchase a previously occupied home in April posted the largest monthly jump in nearly eight years. This is a sign that sales are finally coming to life after a long and painful slump.’ Hip hip hooray. The state-run media is reporting great state news on the economy, pending home sales up 6.7% in April.

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