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“The ChiComs can build Hummers; we can’t. The mullahs can go nuclear; we can’t. No, we have to go windmill. We have to go junk.”

“All of you Republicans who admonished me for saying I want Obama to fail… Well, I assume you Republicans are endorsing Sonia Sotomayor. I assume you are supporting Obama nationalizing Chrysler and General Motors. I assume that you are endorsing $12 trillion in new budget deficits.”

“If the media can convince you during times of plenty that we are in a recession, then believe me, they can convince people who are unemployed that things are booming and that hope and change are right around the corner from the unemployment office.”

“Some people are writing to me: ‘Rush, what do you mean if we’re allowed to buy a Hummer down the road? What in the world are you talking about?’ Well, what are you not getting?”

“I did say that Sonia Sotomayor is a racist, and I did say she is a bigot. And while a lot of people have said, ‘You shouldn’t talk that way, Rush, because that’s just too incendiary,’ nobody’s denied it.”

“Obama’s poll numbers stink so much in West Virginia that he’s willing to dynamite mountaintops to get to coal. You know, totalitarians like this — they need the image that the whole country is behind them.”

“By the way, would somebody explain to me how freedom is an imposition? Isn’t freedom a result of liberation? What a typical Obama straw man argument.”

“See, Obama is the authoritarian. If anybody knows about ‘imposing values’, it’s Barack Obama. Who is imposing his values on General Motors? Who is imposing his values on Wall Street? Barack Obama.”

“Here is a guy, Obama, who tells CEOs that their days of getting on their private plane and going to Las Vegas for a good time are over — but his days of getting on three private planes and two helicopters to New York for a date are fine and dandy. I think the guy’s a raging hypocrite.”

“Obama said (paraphrase), ‘Closing Guantanamo, from my perspective, as difficult as it is, is important.’ Yes, we know. Remaking America is as difficult as it is important. Very hard work it is, imposing socialism and fascism on a free-market economy.”

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