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RUSH: Albert in Cleveland. It’s nice to have you with us, sir. Thank you for waiting. You’re up next.

CALLER: You’re very welcome, Rush. I have a question real quick. I want to know your opinion about growing tensions in North Korea and Iran and what you think this current administration and the future administrations will do in how to handle Israel’s role in the whole situation as an ally.

RUSH: Well… (chuckles) You’ve asked for a doctoral thesis, one that I’m sure I’d get an F on were I to present it at Harvard. What is Obama going to do about North Korea, and Iran, and Israel? (sighs) You know, I love these easy questions. The first thing you have to understand about Israel is: they’re on their own. Israel, whether you know it or not (I think they do) we have de-tethered. I mean, they’re still an official ally, but Obama has thrown them under the bus. The King of Saudi Arabia told Obama — and remember, now, we get a lot of oil from them, and Obama bowed to the guy. Folks, Obama has far more roots, heritage, ability to relate to somebody like the king of Saudi Arabia than he does with Benjamin Netanyahu. May we say that without fear being raked over the coals for it?

He said it himself in his Cairo speech. He was surrounded by Muslims growing up in three different countries. He understands he’s got far more in common with the king of Saudi Arabia than he does with Benjamin Netanyahu or anybody else in Israel. So while he hasn’t thrown Israel under the bus yet, they’re in trouble. I said this on the Hannity interview last week on Fox. In that interview I didn’t specify why, but I think he’s got a big problem with Israel. He’s got a huge problem with Israel. I’m not going to speculate. It doesn’t matter what or why, it just is. With the king saying ‘impose a solution’ on the Israeli-Palestinian thing, to a guy who then later said we don’t ‘impose our values.’ (laughing) Netanyahu is due to make a speech this week. I have great qualms about our allied relationship with Israel under this administration.

Iran. Look, put two and two together yourself. Obama has twice in the past two weeks, once in the big speech in Cairo, made the case that a nation like Iran should have nuclear power. They should get the assistance necessary to build nuclear power. Meanwhile, we are doing what? We’re investing in…windmills! Solar panels! Lawn mowers with two seats on them called automobiles. We sell — the government running GM sells — the Hummer division to the ChiComs. The ChiComs are gonna grow their economy. They’re going to give their people the opportunity to buy what they want. The ChiComs are looking at our debt and they’re saying (summarizing), ‘You know, it’s getting a little tough here. We may stop buying your debt. We’re just going to start manufacturing products for sale to our own population, rather than focusing on exporting them to you and the rest of the world.’

Now, Obama has proposed that there be a worldwide supply of uranium that the UN or somebody would control and parcel out on an as-needed basis. Like the Oil-for-Food program is a good example of it. I’ve got it here in the stack. I’ll get the details if I have time to get to it before the end of the program. Obama says we’re going to interrupt some shipments from North Korea and to North Korea that would enhance nuclear programs elsewhere. The North Koreans and the ChiComs say, ‘Okay. You want to ramp it up on the seas? We’ll join you out there.’ I think the North Koreans and the Iranians are testing our president each and every day, and I think as our president runs around and tries the Conflict Resolution 101 approach — apologize for us, say, ‘We’ve made some mistakes. We’re big enough to admit it. We want you to find nuclear power’ — they’re laughing at us. I think they are seeing a golden opportunity to expand their own spheres of universe, North Korea and Iran both. Because they see in President Obama a weakling, somebody who can be manipulated. They’re laughing at him, they’re laughing at us, and it’s not a laughing matter.

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