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RUSH: Jim in Orlando, great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush, an honor and a pleasure, I assure you. Longtime listener. This is kind of off the subject of what’s been talking recently but I watched the D-Day ceremony on Saturday with a lot of pride and a little embarrassment. I watched a brilliant speech by a foreigner, French President Sarkozy, and later on I watched an embarrassing speech by President Obama. And the juxtaposition of those two speeches was quite startling to me. Sarkozy spent the majority of his speech as a tribute to all who died, and he gave eternal thanks for the sacrifices that those soldiers made in the cause of freedom and liberty. Obama rambled on just recounting a bunch of isolated stats and sprinkled quotes from notables that weren’t even there. Rambling nothingness, it seemed to me, and meaningless and a little bit of hypocrisy. It was a feeble attempt to compare our —

RUSH: Well, you know, he also talked about how we all have to work together. D-Day showed we all come together, we… It was an embarrassment. I must admit to you, I took the occasion Saturday to sleep in. I knew what I was going to hear if I got up to listen to this.

CALLER: You missed a great speech by Sarkozy.

RUSH: Well, but I’ve heard a great speech by Sarkozy when he came and did an address to a joint session of Congress. This guy sounded more like a conservative than any of the Republicans in that hall that day.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: So I know what Sarkozy was going to say. I like Sarkozy.

CALLER: Well, in light of your earlier comments today, you also missed Obama promoting for the position of God. He made a comment in there that stuck out very starkly to me. In trying to give honor to those men, he said, ‘Men of all faiths,’ and then he added the phrase ‘and men of no faith,’ and I just thought it was unbelievable.

RUSH: Ah, he’s just trying not to offend anybody. He’s trying to get the atheist vote. What the hell? I mean, everything with him is a political event, a campaign event and the atheist vote is growing vote. You know, I don’t blame some Americans in fact throwing away faith in God looking at what’s happened to their country. Some people say, ‘Where is God saving my country?’ I’m being halfway facetious here, folks, but the atheist vote, the agnostic vote, he’s aiming for it. That’s what that comment was all about. ‘Thanks, everybody, for working together.’ I’ll tell you, I did see highlights of it. (sigh) I should not say this, I should not say this. I saw highlights. I don’t think he had the slightest clue what he was talking about. Whoever wrote the speech for him, I don’t think he has one iota of understanding of what D-Day was all about. It was just an event to go campaign. Put the right words of the teleprompter and he’ll say ’em.

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